Woman throws computer monitors, scanners in outburst at airport ticket counter

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Things got turbulent — well before takeoff.

A woman was caught on cellphone video going ballistic at a Mexico City International Airport ticket counter when a Volaris airline employee reportedly couldn’t find her flight reservation in the computer system.

María Guadalupe, 56, is being accused of damaging equipment as well as disturbing the peace for allegedly slamming four computer monitors and four handheld barcode scanners to the ground, the Daily Mail reports.

Auxiliary Police agents reportedly placed Guadalupe in custody as she was about to exit the airport.

The Post contacted representatives for Volaris, the airport, and the police for comment.

Woman goes berserk at Mexican airport ticket counter
Guadalupe is accused of destroying equipment at a ticket counter at the Mexico City International Airport.
Twitter / @MiguelElBlacky

María Guadalupe destroyed a ticket counter at Mexico City International Airport.
Cellphone footage captured the equipment damage.
Twitter / @MiguelElBlacky

Guadalupe allegedly asked a Volaris worker to refund her for the missing reservation. Since she booked the flight through a travel agency, she was told to contact the agency to see about a refund.

That’s when things got bumpy.

“If you don’t want to, don’t give me the money back. I don’t give a f—k. But that’s going to cost you,” the woman shouted in Spanish at an agent as she stood atop the airline’s baggage scale.

“Don’t give it to me. But you pay for that.”

A nearby employee reportedly escorted Guadalupe away from the ticket counter after the fireworks.

She broke four computer monitors and four barcode scanners.
She is facing for charges for breaking four computer monitors and four barcode scanners.
Twitter / @MiguelElBlacky

Woman goes berserk at Mexican airport ticket counter
Equipment was pulled off two counters.
Twitter / @MiguelElBlacky

The outburst comes after a woman aboard an American Airlines flight caused quite the scene this month when she demanded to get off the plane at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport over a fellow passenger she claimed was “not real.”

And last year, a woman was caught on video throwing a tantrum at a Mexico City airport and even attacking a check-in agent when she didn’t get her way.

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