Woman horrifies plane passengers by brushing teeth at her seat

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She joined the mile-high scrub.

A woman horrified fellow flyers on a transcontinental flight after brazenly brushing her teeth in her seat — and even spitting into a cup.

A Reddit post detailing her dental fly-giene routine is blowing up as viewers accuse her of causing a nightmare at 30,000 feet.

According to the post, uploaded to the ever-popular “Passenger Shaming” thread, the revolting incident occurred during a 14-hour flight to London.

The poster had reportedly woke up from an inflight nap to see his seatmate “brushing her teeth from her seat?!”

And that was just the start.

“Then she proceeded to spit in a cup, shook the toothbrush in the air to dry it out, and kept the cup there for 4h,” according to the Redditor, who included a pic of said saliva vessel on the tray table in front of them.

The woman's spit cup.
The woman spit in a cup that she kept for four hours on her tray table (right).

A stock photo of a woman applying toothpaste to a brush.
“Girl next to me brushed her teeth from her seat, spat in a cup, shook the toothbrush in the air to dry it out, and kept the cup there for 4h,” the poster griped.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

An airplane aisle.
The Redditor said they woke up to the girl “brushing her teeth from her seat?!”
Getty Images/iStockphoto

The aghast contributor found the behavior particularly disgusting as the toilets were just three rows in front of the mid-flight molar scrubber and “were free.”

Unfortunately, this inconsiderate passenger is the latest in a long list of barbaric travelers, which recently included an unauthorized inflight film screener, a cockpit stormer and a man who wiggled his bare “piggies” beneath a woman’s seat.

In fact, mid-flight foot infractions have become so rampant that fed-up flyers are releasing video PSAs on how to deter the pedi crimes.

One of the proposed preventative measures entailed dumping water on flyers who prop their feet up on your headrest.

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