Why do people have to show up to work sick?

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I think it’s really rude for someone to come into work when they are sick.

I was recently in a conference room for a team meeting with a co-worker who was constantly sneezing and coughing. I said something about it and left in the middle of the meeting.

As a result, my boss got upset with me. Wasn’t I within my rights to protect my own health?

Ahhh — see what we all missed by working remotely?

The wonderful warm and friendly workplace.

Here’s a lesson for all those employers who think mandating a return to the office is the panacea for what ails in the office.

You were in the right to leave the meeting — that employee shouldn’t have been in the office, let alone in that meeting.

But you were wrong in how you handled it.

You simply should have quietly excused yourself, and then texted or emailed your boss the reason why, thereby avoiding an awkward public situation.

Welcome back to the office, folks.

Relaxing by the pool.
Will taking the summer off hurt your job prospects?

I just graduated from college, and I still don’t have a job. I was thinking of taking the summer off to travel and just chill out, and start looking when the market is better in the fall.

My parents are freaking out and want me to find a job now, saying that it will look bad if I don’t have a job this summer.

Is that true? Will it hurt my job prospects if I take the summer off?

Just between us — and you will have to hide this from your folks, since I don’t want to lose readers — it’s nonsense that taking the summer off will hurt your job prospects.

However, your rationale is nonsense too, by thinking that the market will be better in the fall.

The job market is strong now, and you can’t time the market.

Also, you never know when the right opportunity will come along.

That said, don’t stress.

You’ve just achieved a major milestone, and are now transitioning from education to the career track.

You’ve got plenty of time.

Gregory Giangrande has over 25 years of experience as a chief human resources executive. Hear Greg Wed. at 9:35 a.m. on iHeartRadio 710 WOR with Len Berman and Michael Riedel. Email: GoToGreg@NYPost.com. Follow: GoToGreg.com and on Twitter: @GregGiangrande

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