Which zodiac sign is totally clueless? An astrologer tells all

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Just like Cher Horowitz, we can all be a little clueless sometimes.

Technically, we are all born clueless with the possible exception of this smug a– baby who appears to have been delivered unto the world with a keen sense of confidence, made complete with a healthy dose of side eye.

In many cases, cluelessness is both a gift and an invitation, as naivety allows for fearlessness.

If you don’t know what lies in wait and have minimal familiarity with the myriad ways it can all fall apart, you can move through the world with an easy kind of confidence, like you’ve got dimples in your cheeks and diplomatic immunity in your shirt pocket.

Carefree and utterly clueless are cousins with the latter oft laying the groundwork for the former. Yet, there is no sign more foot loose and fancy free than Sagittarius, the arrow pointing, hoof stomping, good time rolling centaurs themselves.

Sagittarius zodiac astrology
Sag energy is refreshingly carefree and consistently clueless.
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Naivety allows you to move through the world with an easy kind of confidence, like you’ve got dimples in your cheeks and diplomatic immunity in your pocket.

Sagittarians are a sunny side up ilk, ever seeing the good in people and trusting the view and earnestly trusting that their big break is just around the river bend, there’s no need to sign a prenup and the best is yet to come.

Such blithe optimism can read as abject cluelessness to the more wisened and or jaded among us. Rulers of the ninth house of philosophy, travel, higher education and lofty ideals, the archer archetype reveres knowledge and its pursuit.

One of the finer qualities of Sag natives is that they rarely pretend to know more than they actually do which can in turn, make them appear clueless.

They aren’t so much ‘fake it til you make it’ as they are ‘gee golly I don’t know but I’ll bet you your suspenders I can figure it out’ types. To remain absolutely curious you must own/accept/celebrate your own cluelessness.

New York Post readers also love:

LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 06:  Kiefer Sutherland attends the UK premiere of "24: Live Another Day" at Old Billingsgate Market on May 6, 2014 in London, England.  (Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)
An aneretic Sag sun, Kiefer Sutherland gambled a million dollars on a sus AF cattle deal gone sideways.
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Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, planet of expansion and fortune who on his best day doles out blessings and at his worst blows his wad putting money on the ponies and buying the bar a round.

There’s a fine line between expansion and excess and archers oft fall on the wrong side of foolhardy like Sag native Kiefer Sutherland who lost a million dollars on a cattle reselling scheme gone sideways. Along this same lasso, the same optimism that tells archers their luck will never run out urges them to hand money to charlatans, snake oil salesman and dubious ranchers.

Drawn to risk like coffee to cream, if something seems too good to be true Sagittarius is not immediately suspicious of the circumstances but rather utterly convinced of their own good fortune.

They care less about outcome than experience itself and as such there’s a perennial teenager energy to archers, like they just set sail on their first voyage, filled to the brim with questions to share and wonder to impart.

This naiveté reminds the rest of us to surrender the visage of grizzled wisdom for the chance to dwell in the sunshine day dream of positive possibility. Bless up.

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