Waitress confronts customers who left ‘racist’ note on receipt

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Justice is served.

An Indiana waitress is being praised online after confronting a group of teen cretins who allegedly left a “racist” note on the receipt.

A video of the group being served their just desserts has amassed 6.2 million views on TikTok as viewers lauded the server for sticking up for herself.

“I would’ve never guessed they would leave me that note,” Amira Donahue, 19, told Jam Press of the incident. “I felt outright disrespected and angry.”

The Indianapolis resident, who works at an undisclosed establishment, said that the jackanapes initially acted “like usual 15-17-year-old boys, being a little rowdy, pouring parmesan all over each other’s plates and putting salt in each other’s waters.”

Things took a turn when Donahue picked up the check and noticed an offensive message on the receipt.

Amira Donahue.
“I was in disbelief and looked over the check multiple times to make sure I was seeing it right,” said Donahue.
Jam Press/@amiradonahue

“I felt outright disrespected and angry,” said Donahue.
Jam Press Vid/@amiradonahue

In another video, she flashes said proof of purchase, in which the boys had written “BLACK” in the gratuity box in lieu of an actual tip.

“I was in disbelief and looked over the check multiple times to make sure I was seeing it right,” spluttered the aghast server, who spotted the teens hanging out outside the restaurant while she was clearing their table.

Without a second’s thought, Donahue walked over to confront them over the appalling note, as seen in the aforementioned clip.

“Hey guys, I just want a bit of clarification, what does this mean?” the University Of Indiana grad says while showing one of them the receipt.

“I don’t know,” the teen sheepishly mutters, prompting Donahue to retort, “You don’t know what black means?”

Donahue on the beach.
Donahue said she was used to getting s—ty tips but this took things to the next level.
Jam Press/@amiradonahue

The server then asks them what they meant by putting “black” in the tip section, to which the youngster claimed that they were talking about themselves.

Not satisfied with the apparent excuse, Donahue inquires: “So you’re black therefore you don’t have to tip?”

At that point, the flustered customer attempts to tip the waitress, which she turns down, before continuing to interrogate him over the motive behind the message.

Donahue confronts the teens.
Donahue confronts the teens.
Jam Press Vid/@amiradonahue

However, the bozo insists that he didn’t know what the gratuity box meant and that one of his friends told him to write that.

The clip concludes with Donahue receiving a tip from one of the teens before walking away while laughing.

Needless to say, the commentariat was impressed by how the server handled the situation.

“I love that you embarrassed them,” gushed one fan, while another wrote, “They’re so bold until you confront them.”

“Thank u for standing up for yourself,” praised a third.

One commenter declared, “Make them as uncomfortable as reading that made you.”

Donahue shows the sordid message.
Donahue displays the sordid message.
Jam Press Vid/@amiradonahue

Some even called on Donahue to send the kids’ names to his school and ruin his life, which she reportedly declined to do.

In a follow-up clip, the server said she was not inclined to expose their identity online as they were kids and her confrontation was “the karma that they needed.”

“Whatever guilt is eating them up is probably good enough for me,” Donahue declared.

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