Viral ‘anti-feminist’ YouTuber Pearl Davis dubbed ‘female Andrew Tate’

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An “anti-feminist” YouTuber who believes women shouldn’t have the right to vote and divorce should be illegal has been dubbed the “female Andrew Tate”.

Hannah Pearl Davis, 26, who goes by “Pearl”, has amassed more than 1.5 million followers for her conservative views, with clips of her inflammatory remarks often going viral on Twitter and TikTok in recent months.

Her popularity online increased following the arrest of Tate in Romania on sex trafficking charges in December.

Tate, 36, who became one of the world’s most famous influencers for sharing his controversial views online, had been a guest on her channel shortly before he was taken into custody.

Since then her YouTube following has increased from 960,000 subscribers to 1.54 million, according to SocialBlade.

Andrew Tate
Davis has been compared to Andrew Tate.
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Davis also had 930,000 followers on TikTok prior to being banned in August last year “for telling the truth about feminism”.

“Why do all of these big companies censor one side but they don’t censor the other?” she said in a video at the time.

“Men have issues, I’m not saying they don’t, but it’s not a fair conversation if only one side gets to speak. We’ve heard about men’s issues the last 20 years, but women don’t listen to men. Feminists don’t want to have the conversation because it makes them look bad. Anything that puts women in a bad light, it’s taken down, it’s censored.”

Davis is originally from Chicago, Illinois, where she grew up with nine siblings and her parents, software entrepreneurs Dan and Jennifer Davis, according to Insider.

Ironically, her mother was once on the board of directors for UN Women USA, a charity that supports the gender-equality programs of the United Nations.

She now lives in London where she gained some initial success filming street interviews, and now hosts a YouTube talk show called The Pregame as well as creating viral video content such as tongue-in-cheek “whiteboard” presentations.

She joined YouTube in 2020 but her popularity only took off in May 2022, when her increasingly edgy content saw her subscriber count skyrocket from 25,000 to more than half a million in six months.

In total her YouTube videos have generated more than 781 million views, while on Twitter videos with the hashtag #justpearlythings have been viewed more than 300 million times.

She told Insider earlier this year that she was influenced by watching videos of popular right-wing figures like The Daily Wire founder Ben Shapiro and economist Thomas Sowell during college.

Davis has since teamed up with manager Coby DeVito, a former colleague of Shapiro at The Daily Wire.

While she denies exaggerating her opinions for clicks, Davis clearly enjoys generating controversy.

“A lot of people think I’m insane because I don’t think women should vote,” she said in a Twitter video this week which has been viewed 860,000 times. “If anything this is probably my most extreme opinion.”

She went on to explain that she “came to this conclusion” because she wanted to know “why men were so angry about women”.

“When I started researching this stuff it was pretty easy to figure out why — 90 percent of women have been on birth control, one out of three women has had an abortion, one out of three women has an STD, the average body count is over five, 95 per cent of women are not virgins on their wedding day — so I understand these complaints,” she said.

Davis then claimed that “the courts, the legal system, all of society is basically pandering and simping for women”, citing examples such as payments for single mothers.

“If you pay women to be terrible, then you’re probably going to have more terrible women,” she said.

“The issue is that the politicians, the only way they can get elected, the women vote for them. The reason we can’t see a change in these laws … is because they won’t be re-elected. Does every person deserve the right to vote? Because essentially we have a society where men are just paying for women’s bad decisions.”

In another video this week, viewed 2.6 million times, Davis suggested “outside of reproduction, society would function fine without women”. “If women stopped working tomorrow I think we would have an increase in efficiency, not a decrease,” she said.

“The problem is we have all these women that think they’re doing more than they are because they’re hot and they make money off of being hot, and they’re subsidized by the government.”

In other viral clips on TikTok, Davis argues a woman doesn’t “deserve a guy that makes six figures if you’re obese”, that it’s a woman’s fault if her partner cheats, and that men should be allowed to hit women back.

“A lot of you guys are shitty wives,” she said in one video. “You don’t cook for your man, you belittle him, you nag on him all the time. You don’t treat him like a man.”

Clips of Davis appearing on other podcasts have also circulated widely, including a debate with YouTuber Ethan Klein over slavery and divorce rights. “I think we should ban divorce,” she said.

“I just think that if you want to leave, you just shouldn’t get married. You know, because marriage is supposed to be for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer or for poorer, it’s not supposed to be when I feel like leaving. The majority of divorces now it’s just when the girl feels like leaving.”

Davis, however, insists she is not a misogynist.

“Misogyny is the hatred of women,” she told Insider.

“I don’t hate women. For some reason acknowledging a basic truth like men and women are different is labelled as misogyny nowadays.”

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