Twitter users share worst breakup stories: ‘Ruined love’

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They’re bitter on Twitter.

Social media users are sharing their breakup tales — and they range from funny to sad to flat-out awful.

It all started last week when “Raising Hope” actress Shannon Woodward, 38, asked her 220,000 followers: “What’s the worst way you ever got dumped?”

The tweet has attracted 51.6 million views and thousands of responses from jaded lovers.

Perhaps one of the worst replies reads: “I had just turned 20, and a few days later, my mom had a heart attack. A week later, on Dec. 26th, we took her off life support. My gf decided she couldn’t handle the sadness/grief I was experiencing and broke up with me at the hospital.”

Twitter shares worst date stories: 'Ruined love for me forever'
The worst breakup tales involved stolen property and confirmation their partner was cheating.
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Another pretty terrible instance involved a broken car and a broken heart.

“I totaled my car on my way home from a really bad day at work. My gf met me at the accident site. Then I got a call from my work firing me and my gf broke up with me right there on the side of the 101. That’s gotta be the worst lol,” one person claimed.

Someone else shared their jewelry-averse ex dumped them “through Facebook because I had my belly button pierced.”

“Years ago, I found out the guy I’d been spending 4-5 nights a week for 4.5 months, going on dinner & movie dates he paid for, and sleeping with… we were never DATING, we were just HANGING OUT that whole time,” another lonely heart confessed.

Shannon Woodward arriving at the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theater
Actress Shannon Woodward asked her Twitter followers to share their breakup stories.
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One former Mrs. wrote: “When my husband told me on my birthday he wanted to have life experiences that didn’t include a wife & child…”

A few people alleged their exes chose to break up with them on a holiday.

“My ex-spouse broke up w me on Thanksgiving, after the dinner, and in my childhood bedroom by telling me they were having an affair with one of their students,” one Twitter user claimed in a particularly startling tweet.

“Middle school. middle of the courtyard. valentine’s day,” another recalled all too vividly. “Presents ready for him in hand. he comes up to me, puts his hand on my shoulder, said ‘It’s over’ & walked away. never told me why. ruined love for me forever.”

Others experienced a case of money not well spent.

“I gifted him a session with a psychic and the psychic told him that his ex was his soul mate so he moved back in with her,” a user regretted their generous present.

“She invited me to her place and showed me a bunch of baby stuff and said ‘im pregnant’ then laughed and said ‘oh its not yours tho,’” one man painfully described.

Friend zone concept with a man trying to kiss a woman and she rejecting him
A few people even said their exes chose to break up with them on a holiday.
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Twitter shares worst date stories: 'Ruined love for me forever'
Many brokenhearted tweeters claimed their breakups happened in public.
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Finally, another poor soul lost their girlfriend — and their ride home.

“She was my dd said she was going to go grab a few mixers and left me at the party without a ride. And she was driving my car,” they claimed.

Meanwhile, an Australian woman can sadly relate to many of these stories as she recently claimed that her American ex-husband ghosted her one day after securing an Australian partner visa.

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