TikTok star Yulissa Mendoza arrested after $100K jewel heist

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Fans are rallying behind a popular Mexican singer who is being held at a women’s prison while the investigation into a brazen jewelry heist of about $100,000 in goods continues.

Yulissa Mendoza, 25, who touts 1.4 million followers on TikTok, is not suspected of taking part in the June 26 robbery of the Berger jewelry store in the upscale Antara shopping center in Mexico City, Jam Press reports.

But Mendoza is being held at Santa Martha Acatitla on “concealment by reception,” according to El Universal. Her romantic partner is the suspected mastermind of the spree.

“Yulissa, you are not alone,” banner-toting supporters chanted outside the prison Tuesday.

“You see, you feel, Yulissa is innocent” was another rallying cry.

Yulissa Mendoza.
Yulissa Mendoza reportedly claimed she was simply dating suspect Marco “N” and had no knowledge of the heist.
Jam Press

The crew made off with nearly $100,000 in watches.
The crew made off with nearly $100,000 in watches.
Jam Press

The protesters claim Judge Víctor Elías Pacheco violated Mendoza’s human rights by locking her up for a recommended period of two months while the investigation is carried out, Jam Press reports.

Four armed burglars reportedly broke into the jewelry store by shattering windows with mallets, as seen in alarming footage.

Fifteen watches totaling a cool 1.7 million pesos (around $99,800) were taken in eight minutes.

Suspects smash in the windows of the Berger jewelry store in Mexico City, Mexico.
Suspects smash in the windows of the Berger jewelry store in Mexico City, Mexico.

Jam Press

One of the suspects, identified as Marco “N,” 27, was apprehended the next day while driving a luxury van with Mendoza in the passenger seat. The car reportedly served as the getaway vehicle.

A police search of the van was said to have yielded mallets, axes, a large quantity of cocaine, and a 9mm firearm.

However, the singer told authorities that she is innocent, insisting that she was simply dating Marco and had no knowledge of the jewelry theft.

Robbery suspect Marco "N."
Robbery suspect Marco “N.”
Jam Press

Mendoza had to scrap at least two concert appearances. Prior to her detainment, the vocalist frequently posted TikTok videos of herself lip-syncing to various songs while wearing skimpy outfits.

Her last post was June 26, the day of the robbery.

The influencer also boasts over 165,000 followers on Instagram, but she hasn’t posted since December.

For his part, Marco was charged with robbery, drug dealing, bribery, and possession of a firearm exclusively used by the Mexican army, per Jam Press.

Authorities also apprehended another suspect, identified as Xavier Sadrac “N,” 28, on Monday, while two alleged thieves reportedly remain at large.

Yulissa Mendoza.
Mendoza boasts over 1.4 million followers on TikTok.
Jam Press

Mendoza had to cancel at least two concerts after her detainment.
Jam Press

This isn’t the first time an international influencer has been arrested.

Last month, a Brazilian known for flaunting her voluptuous assets on social media and her boyfriend were reportedly arrested after allegedly committing bank robberies like a modern-day “Bonnie and Clyde.”

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