This optical illusion determines if you’re easily fooled

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Are you as easily deceived as your eyes?

Puzzle lovers are blowing a collective gasket over an optical illusion that allegedly determines whether or not the viewer is easily fooled.

A TikTok clip detailing this supposed test has amassed over 930,000 views as brainteaser buffs test if they’re gullible.

[Warning: spoilers ahead]

“What do you see first,” video poster @psychologylove100 inquires in the caption of the clip, which appears to show an underwater scene.

If the answer was “fish and divers,” the viewer’s “perception is not very deep” and they “often tend to rely on the cover of the book,” per clip.

“That’s why you’re so easily fooled by people,” the narrator declared.

Of course, there is one silver lining to failing this gullibility gauge.

The narrator explains that these so-called surface-level observers are “logical and rational” people who judge people by the way they treat them.

“You don’t want to get the bottom of things, preferring to mind your own business,” @psychologylove100 explained.

He added that this category of observer’s self-confidence is high and they have a “hard-boiled” personality style — if not a hard-boiled detective one.

In summation, while this person might not see the forest for the “seas,” they seek “power and understanding” and care about those close to them despite not attaching importance to everyone they meet.

Nonetheless, the narrator ascribes far better traits to those who saw “human faces first” as they didn’t, well, take things at face value.

According to the video, these ocular deep-divers are creative thinkers who notice “every detail that others easily overlook.”

The illusion.
“Your perception is not very deep and you often tend to rely on the cover of the book,” said @psychologylover while describing viewers who saw the fish and divers first.

The video’s uploader explained, “You’re simply intuitive. You can easily see people for who they are and behind the mask they may wear.”

“You can read emotions and faces with ease,” he added. “You’re likely to have some artistic or musical talent.”

This savant is not scared of sharing their one-of-a-kind insights with little regard to how it’ll affect others’ perceptions of them.

“You often express unique ideas that shock or impress others, which may have made you feel somewhat misunderstood as a child,” the narrator explained. “You are a true artist at heart with great healing potential.”

The illusion.
Those who saw the faces first are creative thinkers first who sea the forest for the “seas.”

The eye-cum-personality test resonated with the online masses, many of whom seemed to think it validated their alleged creativity.

“So true I seen faces and this is true,” declared one viewer.

“I noticed the Face first and I indeed am artist…. a photographer,” boasted another.

A third wrote, “Amazing how these are do accurate!”

“I saw the faces, and I’m very curious,” insisted one commenter.

Although several viewers claimed that they saw the fish, divers, and faces simultaneously, perhaps meaning they’re both paradoxically shallow and deep simultaneously.

The illusion.
The illusion has nearly 1 million views on TikTok.

This isn’t the first illusion that allegedly reveals a person’s characteristics based on what they see.

Last week, an eye-nigma went viral that purportedly tested the viewer’s relationship and revealed how they communicated with their partner.

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