The viral Home Depot 12-foot giant skeleton is already in stock for 2023

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Want to hear something spooky?

Even though it’s only July, the coveted Home Accents 12-foot skeleton decoration is now on the top of everyone’s mind for Halloween 2023. When will he return to shelves?

While he may be out of stock, head to The Home Depot and beat the rush of eager buyers, getting your very own life-sized pumpkin-headed Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton ahead of the rush, now back on shelves.

The Home Depot normally sells the larger-than-life decor for $379, but many have shelled out far more than that on Amazon and ebay, paying an arm and a leg for the boney decor once they are sold out on the site.

But wait, there are more spooky ooky surprises in store, especially for Disney fans. For 2023, you can now open the door to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and get a life-sized Jack Skellington to join your skelly army. The 13 ft. Giant-Sized Animated Jack Skellington is one extra inch taller than the other animatronics, adding just a bit more spooktacular fun to your yard.

Jack Skellington
The Home Depot

Now THIS is Halloween! Get the 13-foot Jack Skellington and turn your yard into the actual “Nightmare Before Christmas.” Limit one per customer.

“The Home Depot is excited to share the return of the famous 12 ft. Skeleton (popularly known as Skelly) is back this season for more fun and frights,” said Lance Allen, senior merchant of decorative holiday at The Home Depot. “Skelly will still have piercing blue LifeEyes and will be priced at $299, the same price point as last year.” See below if he is back in stock, as the skeleton is known to travel from the underworld to our world frequently.

A skeleton
The Home Depot

Shop Skelly now before he retreats back into the sold out graveyard. The typically-sold-out skeleton is now back at The Home Depot, so we advise snagging him now — limit one per order.

We do know where two of the giant graveyard friends ended up, however, and if you decide to go trick-or-treating at Kourtney Kardashian’s home, you’ll see them for yourself. Somehow she got her hands on a pair of the spooky siblings, showing off her find in an Instagram post.

Should you be reading this and the skeleton is, in fact, sold out again, no fear, as there are dupes you can find at other retailers and even some of the original Home Accent brand skeletons now posted on resale sites like eBay and Amazon. Read on for some more affordable options, too, which are sure to put you in the spooky spirit. (Keep in mind that prices may fluctuate).

A giant skeleton decoration with blue eyes

Money comes and goes, but skeletons are forever.

If this is your mindset and you want the original Home Accents 12-foot skeleton, here you go. Since it is the OG skeleton, it comes with LED life-eyes that stare into your soul, as well as a stand to keep it in place in your yard.

For more buying options, or if the Amazon skeleton sells out, too, there are also a plethora of options now on ebay, ranging in price and buying options.

A huge 12-foot skeleton with a pumpkin head and glowing moth and eyes

New for last year is the above skeleton’s fiery best friend, the Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton. Also from the coveted Home Accents brand, the 12-foot skeleton decoration is equipped with the LED LifeEyes, but housed inside his pumpkin head with a glowing grin.

A skeleton sits in a field with pumpkins

He can sit and stay, but we’re unsure whether this skeleton knows how to roll over or not.

This skeleton decor is a bit smaller than the rest, coming in at 5-foot-2, which is at least life-sized for most of your trick-or-treating visitors on Halloween. The posable skeleton is found on Wayfair’s site, now on sale for $103, making it one of the more affordable giant decorations on this list.

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