The one zodiac sign likely to quit, according to an astrologer

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Take this job and shove it.

As the Post reported, “Between 2021 and 2022, amid high concerns related to the COVID-19 pandemic, a combined 85 million workers in the US voluntarily resigned from their jobs, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

A 2021 report on the impetus of the mass exodus found that insufficient pay, limited opportunities for professional advancement and a lack of respect in the workplace were employees’ top reasons for abandoning their posts.”

The style of abandonment ranges from quiet quitting, the slow fade away from work responsibilities to the Gen Z trend of ‘live quitting’ wherein disenchanted employees use social media, specifically, TikTok, to publicly detail their two weeks notices.

While we all fantasize about firing ourselves and moving on to greener pastures and better employers one sign stands out as the most likely to quit. Read on to learn more.

Virgo zodiac astrology
Represented by the virgin, Virgo is a sign associated with ritual purification and mindful improvement.
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I know it seems shocking that this fastidious earth sign would by first in line to take their leave of work but hear me out.

Fixed signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, and Aquarius) are more inclined to dig in and suffer a suck heavy job, they hold on and hang in even and especially when all signs point towards abort.

This is especially true of Taurus who stays put out in their position out of an unhealthy mix of fear and habit all the while nursing their resentments like feral kittens. A mutable modality like Virgo equals flexibility and a fearlessness in the face of change.

Virgos are problem solvers, project managers, advice givers and dedicated workers but when they deem a job or cause f–ked up beyond even their ability to fix, a higher up as incompetent or feel they themselves are being unseen/uncelebrated they are quick to cut ties and turn tail. 

New York Post readers also love:

US singer-actress Jennifer Lopez arrives for the premiere of "Halftime" on opening night of the Tribeca Festival at the United Palace in New York, June 8, 2022. (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP) (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images)
It’s rumored that J.Lo refuses to employ Virgos.
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The natural investigator and streamliner of the zodiac, they possess an innate understanding of how things should be done, the order of events that best serves the task at hand and if/when someone challenges their methods or insists on an inefficient alternative they check out, punch out and move right along.

As lords of the sixth house of ritual, service and daily habits what Virgos do becomes who they are and as a Mercury ruled earth sign, they can physically feel when something is not working at work.

The advent of the fleet footed god of messaging on their side enables them to quickly and eloquently extricate themselves from damaging work situations. Keep getting free my babies, and showing the rest of us that we are more and deserve more.

As an interesting aside, and according to the gospel of J.Lo Virgos are not just the sign most likely to quit but also the sign most likely to get fired before they get hired. J. Lo reportedly refuses to have Virgos in her employ, perhaps because Virgo native Marc Anthony called it quits on their marriage. Once bitten, twice vehement.

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