Teen forces four-year-old to smoke vape, cops say

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Police have taken action after a shocking video has emerged of a teenager forcing a little girl to smoke a vape.

A video shared to social media shows a four-year-old girl being handed an e-cigarette before a teenage boy allegedly tells her to “suck.”

The little girl inhales the vapor and blows it back out before struggling to control her breathing.

The video is believed to have been filmed in Adelaide’s northern suburbs but it is not known how the teen and the girl are known to one another.

Baby vaping.
A four-year-old girl is handed an e-cigarette before a teenage boy allegedly tells her to “suck.”

South Australia Police have reported a 16-year-old boy to the relevant authorities for allegedly supplying a minor with a tobacco product.

“The matter will be dealt with by the Juvenile Justice System,” a police spokesperson said.

It is not the first time a small child has been caught on camera being forced to use a vape.

Baby vaping.
The little girl smokes the e-cigarette before struggling to control her breathing.

A 16-year-old mom became the center of public scrutiny earlier this year when she shared multiple videos online of her baby sucking on a vape.

A second shows the baby spluttering after inhaling the vape as a woman laughs in the background.

Police became aware of the footage and officers were sent to a Kempsey home on the NSW mid-north coast in March to conduct a concern for welfare report.

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