Shared heartbreaking cancer battle on TikTok

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Haley Odlozil, the wife and mother who shared her life on TikTok following her Stage IIIC ovarian cancer diagnosis, has died. She was 30.

Odlozil’s husband, Taylor, who also appears in the viral videos, announced the heartbreaking news Friday in a lengthy social media statement.

“It is with unbelievable sadness that I tell all of you my sweet Haley has passed away. I cannot begin to describe the amount of heartache & grief myself & our entire family is experiencing,” he began.

“I never knew my heart could physically hurt. I’ve never seen someone fight so hard to live. Her love for me, Weston, her family, & her friends is what has kept her going for so many years, especially the last 8 months.”

The Texas couple were high school sweethearts, meeting in 2008. Odlozil was diagnosed with terminal cancer in late 2015 just weeks before their wedding.

Haley and Taylor Odlozil were high school sweethearts.

Haley Odlozil dead at 30: Shared heartbreaking cancer battle on TikTok
The couple welcomed their son, Weston, in 2019 via surrogate.

In 2019, they welcomed their son, Weston, now 4, via surrogate. He also appeared in the couple’s content.

“I’m so blessed to have had Haley a part of my life for 16 years. It has been my true honor to take care of her,” Taylor continued in his statement on Friday.

The Post has contacted Taylor for further comment.

Taylor’s regular TikTok captions always followed the same format: the date of the video along with the assurance that “Haley is still fighting.”

In a tearjerking clip from May, Haley’s hospice nurse presented Weston with a Build-A-Bear with Haley’s heartbeat. The hospice company also gave Taylor a printed copy of a recording of her heartbeat.

Haley previously told People that Weston now refers to his studded animal as his “mommy bear.”

“He goes, ‘All right, I need my mommy bear,’ before he goes to sleep,’” she shared. “And it’s just comforting to me to know that he has something that’s from me for when he misses me.”

Haley Odlozil dead at 30: Shared heartbreaking cancer battle on TikTok
Millions of people followed Haley’s cancer journey.

Haley Odlozil dead at 30: Shared heartbreaking cancer battle on TikTok
Haley’s hospice care gifted Weston a Build-A-Bear that played Haley’s recorded heartbeat.

She added: “Our thing that I say to him and the best way I knew how to guide him through everything, I always say, ‘When you can’t see Mommy or feel Mommy, where am I?’ And he says, ‘In my heart?’ I say, ‘Yes, I’m in your heart.’ And so the fact that it came full circle with what they did, that was amazing to me.”

Taylor stated Friday that he and Weston will be taking an indefinite break from social media, signing off: “I need some time to process with my son.”

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