Pornstar Lexi Luna enjoys building and smashing dollhouses

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Who needs Penthouse when you’ve got a dollhouse.

When not filming steamy skin flicks, Los Angeles-based adult film actress Lexi Luna gets down and dirty building — and occasionally smashing — doll-sized homes. 

“It’s the thing that is my therapy, that’s necessary for me…to turn around the next day and hit it hard,” said the 34-year-old, who has appeared in such films as “Getting Caught Sniffing Aunt’s Smelly Sneakers” and “Pearls Before Pies.”

“Just like some people go and take an ice bath after they work out, I go and build a miniature house.” 

Luna has purchased or been gifted by her fans a half-dozen dollhouse kits, which come with wooden frames for the home and intricate materials to build furnishings like shelves smaller than her pinky and grain-sized soap bars.

The occasionally vexing assembly process, which involves glue and scissors, tweezers and X-Acto blades, can take up to 80 hours for some houses.

Lexi Luna at work.
“Just like some people go and take an ice bath after they work out, I go and build a miniature house,” Lexi Luna said of the hobby.
Courtesy Lexi Luna

Luna records the process and shares the videos on her OnlyFans account and other sites. 

“It just gives people something to think about me in a different way,” Luna said about the family-friendly footage. “This is definitely one of those ways that my fans love to see me.”

Luna’s obsession with erecting pint-sized penthouses began during the pandemic after filming “giantess” fetish videos, where she recorded herself from the perspective of being a naked titan who could crush her lilliputian minions.

Lexi Luna.
Luna is a former elementary school teacher from Indiana.
Courtesy Lexi Luna

“That’s really what triggered in me, like, ‘What kind of house would these tiny people live in?’” she said. 

In the cases where the pieces come warped or the structure is likely to collapse, the giantess dons a pair of goggles and destroys the defective structures with her rubber mallet.

“That is just like the relief of all the hours that are required,” she said.

A close-up of one of Lexi Luna's special projects.
Even her G-rated hobby has received some X-rated treatments.
Courtesy Lexi Luna

Luna, a former elementary school teacher from Indiana, who boasts having the “best fake boobs in the biz,” has bared it all in her nearly 400 studio flicks since her 2016 debut, racking up an Adult Video News award nomination for Best MILF performer this year. 

Even her G-rated hobby has received some X-rated treatments, with Luna photographing herself bottomless while holding a completed home or flashing her chest through her miniature homes. 

“If I’m building a window, I’ll take a selfie of my boobs through the window,” she said. “‘Ooh, peek-a-boob!’”

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