pet-friendly dating résumé impresses single

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If you wanna be her lover, you gotta get with her furry friend.

Singleton Kat Braden went viral after sharing the adorable résumé a dog-loving dude sent her in hopes of taking her — and her pooch — on a date.

The suitor managed to set himself apart by tailoring his credentials to the interest of Braden’s dog, Oliver, vying for the golden doodle’s approval.

The mystery man asked if he could court both Braden and Oliver, listing all the hands-on canine experience he’d had over the years to prove he was worthy.

“The other day, a guy DM’d me asking if he could take me and Oliver out on a date,” Braden explained in the June 9 clip, which has more than 1.5 million views on TikTok.

“I told him that all applications have to go through Oliver and to send Oliver his résumé and that he would get back to him,” she explained. “This is what the guy sent me.”

Braden shared the man’s résumé in the background of her video, pointing out some of the specifics the “prospective dog dad” had included.

Screenshot from tiktok of blonde woman with resume in background.
The TikToker shared the résumé in a clip posted online.

Dog in corner wearing cap.
Oliver, her dog, is vetting the potential date for her.

Under his key skills, Braden’s would-be beau claimed he’s a “shepherd of sheepdogs” and a “tail wag analyst,” holds a “gold standard in golden retriever guidance” and has “high endurance for games of fetch” — which “is key,” she agreed.

He also noted that he earned the esteemed position of “invited guest speaker at the Annual Retrievers Meet,” and claimed he hosted a lecture called “Grooming the Gold: A Fur-Ever Bond,” which received “a standing ovation and several barks of approval,” he boasted.

Impressed by what she saw, Braden said Oliver is “busy doing a deep dive on his LinkedIn” before she makes the move — although her TikTok followers loved his creative approach, calling him “dedicated” and having earned “an A for effort.” They urged her to give him a chance.

“Oliver is unpredictable,” Braden joked in response, adding that a decision hasn’t been made yet. “I never know what he’s going to do in these situations.”

The Post has reached out to Braden for an update.

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