Optical illusion reveals if you see the bright side — or have trust issues

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Are you an optimist or a perfectionist?

This optical illusion can reveal if you’re someone people love being around, or if you’re someone who has trouble trusting others.

TikToker @mia_yilin posted a video of the puzzle, which has gained 34,400 views as people decipher what kind of person they are.

[Warning: spoilers ahead]

“What’s the first thing you see in this picture?” the poster asked the viewer.

The photo shows an image that depicts both a man holding binoculars with the outline of the hands holding them as well as a car, with the man’s hat and eyes as the car — and your personality is all depending on what you see first.

If the viewer sees the car first, they are a “ray of sunshine” and always find the “bright side” in situations.

“People love being around you because you always know how to bring a smile to their faces,” Yilin explained.

However, she warns that using humor as a defense mechanism might hinder the ability to address deeper emotions with others.

Yilin continued to reveal that those who saw the man first have “a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature.”

“Your love language is acts of service and what moves you the most is when others pay attention to the small details,” she said. “You’re a bit of a perfectionist and have trouble trusting others to follow your instructions correctly so you can get pretty stressed over things potentially going wrong.”

An optical illusion can tell you whether you always put a smile on people's faces, or if you have a hard time trusting others.
“What’s the first thing you see in this picture?” the poster asked the viewer.
Mia Yilin/TikTok

People in the comments couldn’t believe how accurate Yilin was.

“Calling me out fr [for real],” one said.

“Okay this is too accurate,” another wrote.

“LMAO [laughing my ass off] these things be calling me OUT,” someone admitted.

“She’s always accurate,” a user pointed out.

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