‘Not even Bezos will buy it’

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We’ve hit guac bottom.

A Hamptons market and restaurant has gone viral thanks to a video of a modestly sized, ridiculously priced container of guacamole.

A tasty little tub of the avocado dip retailed for $29.51 at the Seafood Shop in Wainscott — a hot spot that’s attracted celebrities like Martha Stewart, Jimmy Buffett and Richard Gere for more than three decades.

Instagram user @theretiredmillennial_ posted the outrageously priced summer favorite.

“The Hamptons are great,” he says behind the camera. “$29 guacamole, I think we need to draw the line at $29 guacamole. Thank you.”

The Seaford Shop did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

The video, which has garnered more than 3,000 likes and was shared by the iconic “New Yorkers” Insta page, also saw a rash of commenters outraged by the prices of East End livin’.

“Does it make you fly?” quipped az_fanaki.

“Not even Bezos will buy it for that price,” added mariellcoronell.

“It’s cheaper for a New Yorker to fly to Europe for 10 days than it is to spend a week in the Hamptons,” wrote jpm61973.

The Seafood Shop in Wainscott.
The Seafood Shop in Wainscott, Long Island, is the scene of the high-priced guac crime.
Doug Kuntz

Adding salt to the wound of this price gouging, the price of a Hass avocado was $1.32 in the spring — down 18% from 2022 — according to the Wall Street Journal.

“Right now, we’re seeing avocado prices that are the lowest we’ve seen in a number of years, and that’s definitely helping us,” Chipotle Chief Financial Officer Jack Hartung told the outlet.

After taking a spat of criticism from many commentators — ones who said that buying absurdly overpriced goods only enables places to jack their prices through the roof — @theretiredmillennial_ put the blame on “a friend from out of town [who] picked it up without looking.”

“Me, personally, I DID NOT buy the guac. Thank you,” he replied.

Guacamole costing $29 at the Seafood Shop in Wainscott.
Many online were shocked by the price of a small container of Hamptons guacamole.

In another TikTok on the subject, the guac critic also gave credit to the Seafood Shop by saying that despite high prices, it’s a staple eatery of the area.

“It’s just as iconic as it is expensive…Send enemies for guac,” he says.

The Seafood Shop’s $29 guacamole joins the recent ranks of a $29 hot dog dog at Mischa in Midtown East and a $29 ham sandwich at E.A.T. on the Upper East Side.

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