My son prepared a popular snack — now he has 2nd-degree burns

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She wants folks to use their noodles before allowing kids to chow down on this classic meal. 

A teary-eyed mother of three is cautioning parents about the perils of unchaperoned snacking after her son was left with second-degree burns to his legs and groin while handling a piping-hot dish. 

And now, the boy has been fitted with pig’s skin to replace his torched flesh. 

“My son has been in the burn ICU unit for the last three days now,” groaned mom Nicole Legorreta, from California, in her heart-wrenching address, which has scared up over 8.4 million TikTok views since it was posted last week. 

“Kids really like the cup of noodles,” she said. “My son…ended up dropping the entire cup of noodles in his lap.”

Mom of three Nicole Legorreta, from California, says her son sustained second-degree burns after accidentally dropping a hot Cup of Noodles snack on his lap.
Mom of three Nicole Legorreta warned fellow parents about the dangers of letting their kids eat a cup of noodles.

The blonde continued, “Immediately, he is screaming at the top of his lungs.”

“He pulls his pants off,” she added of the elementary schooler. “All of the skin is melting off — like a literal ice cream cone. Everything starts melting off.”

Nissin Foods, which manufactures Cup Noodles, did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for a comment. The Post also reached out to the Legorreta family.

In her virtual advisory, Legorreta explained that she and her husband, Josh, rushed the boy to an emergency room that caters to burn patients. 

At the hospital, physicians informed the family that their son had sustained second-degree burns — meaning the scalding noodles had damaged both the outer and underlying layer of the skin, per Cleveland Clinic

Nicole Legorreta (right) with her husband Josh (left) and their three kids.
On TikTok, Legorreta often shares family-friendly content of her husband and their three children.

The unyielding sting from the injury anguished Legorreta’s little one. 

“A burn like that does not stop burning,” she said. “Even though you take the hot water off and you put medicine…it still continues to burn for hours — for up to 72 hours that burn will continue to get worse.”

She then revealed that healthcare workers were forced to “shove a catheter” into her wounded and inconsolable son. 

“No amount of morphine, fentanyl, nothing would stop the screaming,” said Legorreta. 

Specialists resorted to using pig’s skin to cover the burns. 

Mom of three Nicole Legorreta, from California, says her son sustained second-degree burns after accidentally dropping a hot Cup of Noodles snack on his lap.
Online, Legorreta revealed that she was only sharing her family’s tragedy in the hopes of preventing it from happening to others.

“They have to physically scrub their skin, and put these pig skins on there to close the nerves and to let them to heal,” Legorreta explained. 

“The amount of infection, scarring and the literal trauma that they will have for the rest of their lives over a cup of noodles,” she lamented before vowing to never again underestimate the dangers of hot treats. 

And, unfortunately, her boy is far from the only youngster to have endured a freak accident of similar noodle-nature.  

Legorreta said, “The surgeons and nurses said, ‘This is one of the most [common] things we see here with children — [burns from] a cup of noodles.” 

Nicole Legorreta (left center) with her husband Josh (right) and their three kids.
Research has found that instant noodles are a leading cause of burns in minors.

A recent study from the University of Chicago Medicine deemed instant noodles a leading cause of burns among kids. Researchers noted that 40% of noodle burns happened when children were left unattended. 

Such was the case in the Legorreta home. 

In response to flak from an online critic who said her son’s hellish incident was “100%” her fault, a weepy and sleep-deprived Legorreta said she was putting her toddler down for a nap in another room when the mishap occurred. 

I had no idea he’d done this,” cried the admittedly guilt-ridden mom, insisting, too, that she didn’t prepare the steaming snack for the kid. 

“It literally happened in two minutes,” said Legorreta. “I didn’t even know it’d happened until he came [into the room] screaming.” 

In a separate post, Legorreta offered virtual audiences an update on her son’s condition. 

“He is doing so much better,” she revealed. 

“The doctors said it’s looking so great, there’s not going to be any scarring,” continued the relieved mother, adding that her boy will likely sustain some slight discoloration to his legs that will fade as he ages. 

“Mental scarring is a whole different thing,” said Legorreta. She plans to enrolls her son, as well as herself and Josh, into therapy.

It appears the boy was discharged from the hospital this week. 

And much like other concerned parents who’ve used TikTok to alert the masses to the deadly dangers of everyday foods, Legorreta hopes moms and dads take her cautionary tale to heart. 

“I don’t ever want a child to experience what my son has been through,” she said. 

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