My son nearly died eating this popular snack — don’t make this fatal mistake

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A 15-month-old was rushed to the hospital and nearly died after indulging in a popular Disneyland snack, his horrified mother has revealed.

Now, the mom-of-two, Lakynn Dockers, is urging parents to never make the same mistake.

Dockers, then 27, took a dream trip to Magic Kingdom in 2021 with her son, Briar, who demanded some popcorn after seeing his older sister, Hadlee, chow down on the salty snack.

But their vacation quickly turned into a nightmare when the Kansas mom attempted to pry the popcorn away from little Briar, he inhaled a piece down his throat, prompting him to cough up the kernel.

Paramedics inspected the toddler but assured Dockers the popcorn likely scratched his throat and that he was fine.

While the concerned mom thought they were in the clear, later that night, Briar woke from a nap and experienced labored breathing, and his family rushed him to the hospital where they were informed he “many not survive.”

Husband, Mother and toddler
The family of four was on their dream vacation in Magic Kingdom — until it turned into their worst nightmare.
Facebook/Lakynn Dockers

“The surgeon made it clear that it was very likely Briar would not make it through his surgery due to his low oxygen levels and anticipating that the popcorn had expanded,” Dockers told the Daily Mail. “He wanted us to realize how serious it was and that there was a great possibility Briar would not be coming back out.”

The situation was considered “high risk,” she said.

“All we could do was cling to our baby and beg the doctors to bring him back out safe to us. It was the worst 1.5 hours of our lives.”

Now, she is sharing her horrifying tale with other parents in the hopes some little ones can be spared.

Briar in the hospital with oxygen mask
Later that evening, Briar was rushed to the hospital after experiencing labored breathing.
Facebook/Lakynn Dockers

Briar in hospital bed
His case was severe, and physicians warned the horrified parents that Briar may not make it.
Facebook/Lakynn Dockers

“With kids in these cases, many of them are brain-dead before they even get to him,” she warned. “Do NOT give nuts, popcorn, grapes or raisins to kids under four.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns parents to avoid giving young children foods such as nuts, seeds, popcorn, cherry tomatoes, grapes, hot dogs, pretzels and chewy candy due to choking hazards.

Just this week, a 4-year-old girl died after choking on a Costco hot dog in Washington state.

A former paramedic also shared the dangers of marshmallows in a viral Instagram video this month, instructing guardians of toddlers to never feed their children the gooey treat as it can become lodged in the throat.

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