My shocking Airbnb rental was a bathroom with a bed in it

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In this case, the ‘bnb’ stands for “bed in bathroom.”

A US professor’s UK vacation went down the toilet after he arrived at his Airbnb accommodation to discover that the bedroom and bathroom were one and the same.

A Tweet detailing his alleged nightmare-bnb experience has amassed over 12.5 million views on Twitter.

“That feeling when you arrive at your Airbnb and realise that the whole space is essentially just a large-ish bathroom that the host put a bed into,” David Holtz, an assistant professor at the University of California, in Berkeley, near San Francisco, wrote in the Tweet.

Holtz, who had booked the abode for his trip to London, first realized something was awry during booking after noticing that the listing had no reviews, Jam Press reported.

However, he didn’t think anything of it until he arrived in the UK metropolis and saw that his flat was a glorified lavatory.

Holtz's Airbnb rental.
Holtz’s Airbnb rental.
Jam Press/David Holtz

Indeed, as the accompanying photos show, Holtz’s bed was reportedly sitting inches away from the toilet, which was cordoned off with a thin pane of glass.

Meanwhile, the shower and sink are opposite and adjacent to the slumber pad, evoking how a girl’s younger toddler brother would “reorganize” her Barbie house.

The good professor has since complained to Airbnb, who said they’d look into it, but have so far not gotten back to the guest.

“Hi, David. Thank you for reaching out to us,” the rental company wrote on Twitter under his original post. “Please send us a DM with the email address connected to your Airbnb account, so we can take a closer look.”

Holtz responded, “I already spoke to customer support multiple times and every customer support advocate i’ve interacted with has had no interest in helping resolve the issue. can i expect a different outcome this time?”

The Post has since reached out to Airbnb for comment.

A Tweet regarding Holtz's potentially unsanitary rental.
Commenters had a field day with the fact that Holtz was allegedly staying in a glorified bathroom.
Jam Press/David Holtz

Needless to say, social media found it amusing that Holtz essentially slept in a bathroom with one writing: “Wait. The bed is *that* close to the toilet!!?!?!”

Others joked that Holtz’s flat was an “Airbnpee.”

“You’ve got everything you need within arm’s reach,” quipped one social media comedian while another joked that it was a, “bed, bath and beyond.”

Even US broadcaster Soledad O’Brien weighed in, Tweeting a disgusted, “ohhhhh.”

Holtz has apparently learned to see the funny side of his rental from hell, joking, “after sleeping for 2 nights one foot away from a toilet, i’m ready to sleep for 26 nights in the jungles of fiji.”

He also mentioned “Survivor CBS” and show host Jeff Probst in seeming jest, jokingly imploring them to cast him in the long-running reality TV series.

Holtz's correspondence with Airbnb.
Holtz’s correspondence with Airbnb.
Jam Press/David Holtz

This isn’t the first time vacationers have allegedly experienced a nightmare Airbnb stay.

Earlier this month, a woman claimed she discovered a hidden camera in the bedroom of a Florida apartment that she’d rented via the firm.

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