My mother-in-law told me she ‘breastfed’ my baby

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Gabby* always trusted her in-laws to help take care of her newborn son.

Whether she needed to run errands or step out for a few hours, she trusted her family members to help babysit. 

So she asked her mother-in-law, Vera* to watch her baby for a few hours while she was out. 

“Mother-in-law doesn’t even produce breastmilk!”

She came home and began chatting to her mother-in-law about her day when Vera told her “mid-conversation” that the baby was refusing his bottle. 

Gabby told Reddit that Vera was trying to “soothe” the baby. 


A woman on Reddit claimed that her mother-in-law breastfed her newborn when she was babysitting.
A woman on Reddit claimed that her mother-in-law breastfed her newborn when she was babysitting.
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According to Gabby, her mother-in-law “just casually brought it up like it was the most normal thing ever.” 

Gabby clarified that Vera “does not produce breastmilk” and “wasn’t even trying to feed the baby.”

Nevertheless, Gabby “just sat there in shock” after hearing what her mother-in-law told her, “then started nervous laughing.” 

When she told her husband, she began to cry.  

“She’s definitely not babysitting anymore,” Gabby wrote. “Like what the actual f—k.”

“Use a bloody pacifier, not your own t—t!”

Redditors were aghast when they read the story, labelling it as “disgusting” and “inappropriate.” 

“Wow, who does that?” one person wrote, taken aback. “If there was no milk, your baby was sucking on someone else’s sweaty boob,” another added. 

“She’s out of f—king line, full stop,” a shocked person wrote. “I would not want anyone’s boob but my own in my kid’s mouth,” said another. 

Others said she was overreacting. “I don’t think it was done to be weird,” someone reasoned. “Pacifiers don’t have milk in them, but they still soothe a cranky baby.” 

But this was shut down immediately. “So use a bloody pacifier, not your own t—t!” someone interjected. 

“That is not a decision to make for someone, and it’s not a ‘meh, you’re overreacting’ situation either,” someone said. 

*Names have been changed.

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