My mother-in-law invited my husband’s baby mama on our family holiday

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Ah, another mother-in-law horror story. 

There’s something about them that always makes us chuckle.

Whether it’s the complete naivety many of them display or their total lack of boundaries.

One MIL really played the part well when she invited her son’s ex and baby mama to an upcoming family holiday with his current wife.

The two were never married and don’t have much to do with each other nowadays apart from raising their daughter together.

However, the ex and the MIL still have a close relationship, which is why she felt comfortable inviting her on the getaway. 

“My husband John has a six-year-old daughter, Sophie, from a previous relationship. He was with her mom Emma from when they were 14 till 19. I have been with my husband for almost four years and we have been married for a year with a nine-month-old daughter and I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant with another daughter,” the OP explained in the post

Two women with strollers.
One woman’s mother-in-law invited the mother of her son’s daughter, who were together in their teens, on a family vacation.

“I love Sophie to death I really do, I view her as my own and me and Sophie have an amazing bond. This Christmas we are supposed to be going to California to go visit my extended in-laws with Sophie, my two daughters, my MIL, FIL, SIL, and two BILs, so that the girls can meet their great-grandma and all of their cousins around the same age,” she continues, adding that she was “so excited” planning the trip. 

“Well, yesterday I was hanging out with my MIL grocery shopping and she casually mentions that Emma is planning on coming on the trip but nothing has been set in stone. I ask questions about living arrangements and she’s supposed to be staying with all of us in John’s great-grandma’s house, John knew nothing about this by the way.”

Understandably, the OP gets upset and tells her MIL that she’s not okay with this and says it feels “disrespectful” to expect them all to stay in the same house and act like a happy little family. 

“This is not her family anymore and never will be and I understand she’s Sophie’s mom but that’s all she is, nothing more nothing less and if she’s going to bring her along then me and my two girls won’t go,” the woman says.

Instantly, the MIL snaps at her and calls her a “selfish, ungrateful b*tch” and claimed that the ex is “as much a part of the family” as the OP.

The woman also explains that her husband fully agrees with her and wouldn’t be comfortable with his ex going either and would boycott the trip as well if his mom didn’t change her mind. 

The whole situation seems bizarre and it sounds like the other group members agree. “Holy crap. NTA. It needed saying and shutting down right then and there,” said one top comment. “But I’d let John handle it from here on, though.”

“NTA!!!” echoed a second. “I wouldn’t say anything else to them about it about you not going. I would just stay home with your little family (Sophie included) and let Emma go to Cali with your in-laws.”

Couple and mother-in-law.
The husband is also uncomfortable with his mother’s overstepping of boundaries and threatened to boycott the trip.

A third agreed, saying: “Tell that MIL to back off, the ex is an ex and you are his wife.”

“If she pushes, don’t let anyone go, then just organize to see everyone at a separate time. The MIL and ex would look super stupid turning up without you guys.”

“Nah, John’s ex needs to recognize boundaries as well as your MIL. If anything this trip is about your extended family meeting your immediate family along with some in-laws. Emma is not a part of that group,” concluded a fourth. 

“This would literally be the last words my MIL ever said to be as I would have immediately gone no-contact,” concluded someone else. 

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