My healthy 3-month-old died suddenly — my biggest regrets

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Chloe Evans’ 3-month-old son had just learned how to smile before he died suddenly in December 2021.

“I wouldn’t want another parent to go through what I’ve gone through,” the Welsh mom, 26, told Wales Online on Saturday.

“He was really healthy, and he went to bed, and I just couldn’t get over it the next day.”

She recalled putting her son, Mackenzie-Brian, to bed like she had other nights. Her worst nightmare came true when she found him not breathing the next morning.

Evans said she called an ambulance and performed CPR until medics arrived 10 minutes later, but he tragically passed away.

Chloe Evans holding baby
“I wouldn’t want another parent to go through what I’ve gone through,” she said.
Chloe Evans via Wales Online

“The support from the paramedics was brilliant because they did everything they could, but they couldn’t save him because he’d been gone longer than we thought,” she said. “One of the police officers that attended the scene stayed in my oldest son’s bedroom while the paramedics worked on my youngest.”

She buried Mackenzie-Brian a month later, but she had to wait until June 2023 to learn what went wrong.

An investigation revealed nothing specific had caused his death, and it was determined that he died from sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), the unexplained passing of a seemingly health baby, typically in their sleep.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 3,400 infants die each year due to SIDS.

A distraught Evans sought counseling and support, but the care she’s received “hasn’t been the best,” she admitted. In fact, she “had to wait nearly two years to see a counselor face-to-face.”

Infant laying in crib
More than a year after losing Mackenzie-Brian, she learned he died of SIDS.
Chloe Evans via Wales Online

She had been in touch with a bereavement charity, she claimed, but “the calls stopped.”

“It would be nice to have some sort of counseling, so I can like talk about how I feel,” she said, adding that her grandparents, though, have provided much-needed support.

“We extend our sincere and heartfelt condolences to Miss Evans and her family during this extremely difficult time,” a spokesperson for Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board told Wales Online. “We encourage her to get in touch with us directly, so that we can address her concerns.”

Harley and baby brother
“Goodnight, gorgeous brother,” said Harley, 7.
Chloe Evans via Wales Online

Evans described her son as a “content, beautiful boy.” While he was only alive “for a short time,” he will be in their hearts forever, she said.

Evans’ other son, Harley, 7, also paid tribute to his late sibling: “Goodnight, gorgeous brother.”

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