My baby turned 3 — only two people showed up for her birthday

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Gloria was incredibly excited to celebrate her daughter’s third birthday.

She came up with a Minnie Mouse theme, decorating with pink, black and white balloon garlands and Minnie Mouse-themed treats.

A sweet “Happy 3rd Birthday Cutie” sign hung above the food table, there were pink decorations on the tables. Even the bouncy castle was pink and purple.

She invited friends and family, but on the big day, only two people came.

Gloria, who posts to TikTok as @2down4u_official shared her heartbreak in a video.

“My baby turned three and no one came to her party,” the devastated mom captioned the video.

Minnie Mouse decor for 3rd birthday party
A mom said only one person turned up to her three-year-old daughter’s birthday.

“I cooked and made a bunch of pastries. I was excited to celebrate with family and friends.

“No one showed up for her.”

No one turns up to a three-year-old’s birthday party

Gloria filmed all the party decorations and empty tables set for a crowd of guests, but the most heartbreaking part of the video was footage of her little girl, playing with a bunch of balloons on the bouncy castle with no other children.

Gloria said that although she was hurt, she was grateful her daughter was too young to realize that she should be upset.

“She’s still small, so she didn’t know about no one coming to her birthday,” she added.

The mom and her niece hugging
The mom said her niece traveled miles to come to her baby’s birthday.

Sadly, the phenomenon of party guests not showing up is more common than most might think.

Followers flooded the comments, sharing their own experiences and offering words of support and love.

“That happened to me when I celebrated my daughter’s first birthday and not one person showed up,” one mom shared.

Minnie Mouse bounce castle
The mom said she’s happy her daughter is too young to realize her guests didn’t show up.

“I’m so sorry!” said another. “I know how that feels. My family never shows up,” said another.

“You need better friends and family,” someone commented.

“I wish I lived closer, me and my girls would have showed up for her!” another person said.

 “That’s so messed up! Next time invite me, girl. I will bring my whole family and tias [aunties] who will bring all types of food and gifts,” a third person said.

One of the two people that did turn up to the party posted in the comments. “I did, that’s my brother [on the bouncy castle]… love you,” she said.

“I know, you and Chichi were the ones in the jumper with her,” Gloria responded.

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