Most Americans can go without their phones this summer: poll

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Whew, that was close! The average person experiences about 140 moments of “phone peril” a year, including almost dropping or cracking their phone.

That’s according to a survey of 2,000 US adults, divided evenly among Generation Z (18–26), millennials (27–42), Generation X (43–58) and baby boomers (59–77).

Results found Gen Z to be the clumsiest generation, averaging 187 “close calls” annually.

Although the average person has owned their phone for only 2.2 years, a whopping 69% are using a phone that’s partly broken — including 79% of Gen Z.

The most common issues people’s phones currently have? A cracked or scratched screen (24%), followed by battery problems (21%) and overheating (15%).

A family packs the car for a summer beach vacation.
A new survey shows that 15% of people struggle with phones overheating in the sun.
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Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of tech care company Asurion, the survey also found nearly a third feel they can go without their phones for the entire summer.

But for all the talk about younger generations and their phones, just 27% of boomers would be willing to spend the summer without their devices — fewer than any other age group. And just 18% of boomers would visit a resort without their phone in hand.

From taking photos to checking the weather, people’s phones are an extension of their lives. Half (49%) “always” use their phone to listen to music, so it’s no wonder they would go to great lengths to keep their tunes going.

A couple smiles in the car. Both wear sunglasses and it's sunny outside.
Around half of respondents (57%) plan to visit a beach this summer, where phones are often used for photos and videos.
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“From work to leisure, our phones are rarely out of arm’s reach,” said Marvin Maldonado, Asurion Tech Expert. “Whether you’re hitting the beach, the pool or the trails this summer, you likely have your phone in tow for music, photos, maps and more. While a lot of today’s phones are water resistant, no phone is fully waterproof – and a cracked phone is even more vulnerable to liquid damage. If your phone is broken, get it fixed before hitting the water, and remember to always back up your data – just in case.”

Overall, more than half (57%) plan to visit a beach this summer, with a similar amount (60%) usually taking photos or videos there.

And nearly half (47%) believe the summer isn’t perfect if there are no pictures to capture it.

A large house is in the background of a family scene, as people grill and eat food in the backyard and children run and play.
Only 27% of boomers would be willing to spend a device free summer — lower than any other generation.
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While family (73%) and favorite food and beverages (61%) topped people’s summer essentials, smartphones weren’t far behind.

“If you’re someone who relies on a sandwich baggy to protect your phone – or if you’re one of the bold few who go totally caseless – you might consider grabbing a waterproof phone pouch and a tempered glass screen protector this summer,” Maldonado added. “Depending on your travel plans and your phone’s value, you might also consider phone insurance for added peace of mind.”

2.7 moments of “phone peril” a week x 52 weeks = 140.4 a year

3.6 moments of “phone peril” among Gen Z a week x 52 weeks = 187.2 a year

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