It’s ‘Hot Dad Summer’ — why women are drooling over ‘stroller candy’

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Lauren Corbett dated single dads well before it was cool — she even married one.

However, she isn’t the only one ogling hunky “stroller candy.” According to relationship experts, “Hot Dad Summer” is here — and they’re making the bachelorettes on the block sweat.

Corbett, better known as the “Dadvocate” online, believes single fathers have “unlocked the most carnal biological nature to protect that a man can unlock,” which women “can smell.”

“Dads are so attractive to young, single women because, at the end of the day, most women want a man who holds all of the characteristics of a good father anyway, so getting to see him in action is like having a cheat sheet into that side of him,” the 31-year-old, who works in STEM, told The Post.

In fact, these guys “tend to be kinder” and “more disciplined,” she added.

Meanwhile, a new survey reveals that 60% of women are open to dating single dads, signaling that this Father’s Day just might last all summer long. According to, 62% of respondents admit they prefer dating single parents because they have a “stronger commitment to family, friends and loved ones.”

Woman looking at father rolling stroller
It’s Hot Dad Summer and TikTokers are ogling divorced fathers next door.

Lauren Corbett
Lauren Corbett, who calls hot single dads “stroller candy,” said single fathers are more attractive due to their parental characteristics.

“While a ‘single dad’ used to be a type to avoid in dating, this has changed in a chaotic and uncertain world,” Maria Sullivan, a dating expert and vice president of, said in a statement.

“More women are less willing to put up with indecisiveness, uncertainty and immaturity,” she continued. “They’re increasingly interested in stability, and in the heightened levels of maturity and responsibility that naturally come with many single fathers and parents.”

In a world where women are fending off scammers and catfishes alike, the main draw, Sullivan noted, is that single parents offer stability instead of playing games. Swoon.

Online, TikTokers ogle over fine father figures while at the pool, at work or in their neighborhood.

TikToker saying she likes seeing single dads at pools
On TikTok, bachelorettes ogle over the hot single dads they spy at pools.

Dad with daughter in ocean
Sixty percent of women said they would date a single dad, according to a recent survey.
Leila Mendez

Kasey Moore, 31, met her beau, Ryan, 32, in 2021. At the time, he was a single father and Moore, childless, had just reentered the dating field after a two-year hiatus.

Instead of being deterred by him having a child, she actually felt more attracted to him.

“Learning about his role as a dad, particularly being the primary caregiver, piqued my curiosity,” Moore, who resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia, told The Post.

“It inspired me to forge a deeper connection with him because I was interested in hearing his story. Turns out he’s an incredible father and partner.”

In fact, witnessing Ryan as a caring father healed her inner child, she admitted.

Kasey Moore said dating a single father healed her inner child on TikTok
Kasey Moore said dating a single father healed her inner child.

Dad lifting daughter up and laughing
Single dads are less likely to play games, often wanting a more serious connection, said Maria Sullivan, vice president of
MoMo Productions

“His role as a single father has brought a unique dimension to our dynamic, creating a bond and depth that I never anticipated,” Moore said.

“His commitment to being a responsible and nurturing parent has also translated into his role as a partner, as he brings that same level of care and consideration to our relationship.”

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