Is Bill de Blasio a catch? NYC single ladies dish on whether they’d date the ‘handsome’ ex-mayor after his unorthodox split

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Who wants to date Bill de Blasio?

On Wednesday, the former mayor, 62, announced that he and his wife Chirlane McCray, 68, were splitting after nearly 30 years of marriage, two kids and two terms in City Hall.

In a candid New York Times piece, the pair unpacked their conscious uncoupling, blaming the breakdown of their once-deep connection on his demanding political career and failed 2020 presidential campaign.

Both were excited to jump back into the dating pool — even joking they should include their phone numbers in the piece.

One caveat? They are still living together.

The Post asked the single ladies of the Big Apple, and beyond, if they’d take a chance on Bill — and his new darker hairdo.

Bill de Blasio, winking. He is now looking to date.
Who wants to date Bill de Blasio? We found some willing New Yorkers.
Getty Images

Bill de Blasio, his wife Chirlane McCray and son Dante at the Met Gala.
De Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray and their son Dante attend the Met Gala. The couple announced this week that they are separating, but living under the same roof and not divorcing.
Getty Images

And it would seem he won’t be a bill-chelor for long. We found many willing candidates, who were mostly drawn to his proximity to power and the 6-foot-5 Park Slope resident’s towering height.

Tatyana Burika, a 40-something artist living in the Financial District, was enthusiastic about meeting the lifelong public servant with socialist leanings.

“Yes. The fact that he was mayor is enough for me. He must be smart. I am Russian and traditional, so I will adopt to my man’s politics, whatever they are,” she told The Post. “Plus I have a fetish for tall guys and he is handsome.”

Artist Tatyana Burika in a floral dress.
Artist Tatyana Burika likes de Blasio’s height.
Courtesy of Tatyana Burika

Rapper and former Barstool Sports personality Tiko Texas was even more blunt.

“He got money, he like chocolate, why not,” she told The Post, referring to his three-decade long relationship with McCray, who is black.

Even when she learned de Blasio wasn’t a money-bags mayor like billionaire Michael Bloomberg, Texas still found his Rolodex enticing.

“I’m down to have a drink and see what fun we could get into. Vibe it out. He’s highly connected. Put me in the door,” she said, adding that she was fine with his unorthodox living arrangement.

Rapper Tiko Texas looks chic in a green dress.
Rapper Tiko Texas is okay with de Blasio living with his ex.
Courtesy of Tiko Texas

“I’m okay with him living with the wife. I think that’s a great arrangement. I’m single and mingling right now. That would be cool. They have their space and I have mine. I wouldn’t want us to live together anyway.”

Bunking with his ex wasn’t a problem for comedian Christy Miller, 52.

“For me no, because I know she’s a lesbian, so I’m totally cool with it … There’s no danger — she might come into my room,” the Hell’s Kitchen resident, who was drawn to de Blasio’s “clout” and pension.

“I got to boost my comedy career. I need to go viral with something. I’m 52 years old, but I don’t look or act it. I power lift for fun. He works out at the Y … He gets a pension right? And them benefits? Okay.”

Comedian Christy Miller in a black shirt.
Comedian Christy Miller wants to hit the gym with de Blasio and maybe raid his pension afterward.
Courtesy of Christy Miller

Miller also gives high marks to his new hair, which has been slightly darkened. (de Blasio himself meant it to be lighter but said, “I like feeling what I feel.”)

His resume (mayor, failed presidential run, nixed gubernatorial run, failed congressional run) would even lure Los Angeles producer Shelley Eisner, 59, to the East Coast for a chance to meet him. “It would probably be a fun, interesting date. Do I have any expectations? No — I’d have fun.”

The mother of two grown children can even stomach his current lack of full-time employment and his far-left politics — “I was a Berkeley girl in the late ’80s. We’d protest over a tuition hike of a dollar,” she said — as long as he’d still be able to pick up the check for dinner.

Gloria Velez stands outside the YMCA in Park Slope.
Gloria Velez said de Blasio has a nice demeanor but he’s not single enough for her.
Helayne Seidman

The ex-mayor’s living arrangement is, however, a big turn-off for Gloria Velez, who works out at the same Park Slope YMCA as the former pol.

“He’s not my type. I like men who are dedicated to one’s spouse,” the 51-year-old told The Post. “Either you are or you aren’t [with them]. You can’t be a little bit pregnant. I don’t believe in sharing.”

But if he and his wife did divorce, she’d have a change of heart.

Bill de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray dress up in retro fitness gear.
De Blasio and his now possibly estranged — they did not address how to describe their status — wife love a good costume.
Stefan Jeremiah

Bill de Blasio with a groundhog on Staten Island which died shortly after
Animals lovers might not be so into de Blasio, after he fumbled a groundhog on Staten Island in 2014. It died from injuries consistent with a fall.
Staten Island Advance

“I’d give him a chance, I like his height, I like his demeanor. I see him every day [at the gym]. He’s very pleasant with me, he never doesn’t say hello to me. We’re very cordial.” 

Hunter College employee, Malin Abrahamson, 51, said she had “soured” on the de Blasio during his tenure in City Hall, but after nearly a year and a half of current mayor Eric Adams, she would take him back.

As for dating, the 6-foot Abrahamson would “pay attention to him. He’s tall enough for me.”

Bill de Blasio, Chirlane McCray and their children Chiara and Dante as babies.
Bill de Blasio with his wife Chirlane and their kids Dante and Chiara de Blasio. The couple have been married for 30 years.

Bill de Blasio in the gym in a campaign commercial
Potential matches mentioned de Blasio’s gym demeanor. He spoofed his time there in a commercial.

Dorinda, a 71-year-old woman finishing up a workout at de Blasio’s beloved Park Slope Y, told The Post she thinks “he’s a jerk” and found him lacking confidence while in office. But she sees nothing but babes in his future.

“He’ll never be alone. He’s good-looking. He has a penis,” she said. “But he is unemployed.”

Sports publicist Jacqueline Giaccio, 39, gave a full-throttled thumbs down to de Blasio, who stumped for congestion charges.

“As a girl from Queens, we still appreciate a guy that wants to cruise and make out in a muscle car. Congestion pricing and more red light tickets aren’t going to cut it for a mate,” said Giaccio.

Bill de Blasio ties a tie while looking in the mirror.
Bill de Blasio looks ready for his new chapter as a single man.
Getty Images

Bill de Blasio eating pizza with a fork.
We found a red flag for one single New Yorker: how can anyone date a man who eats pizza with a fork?

Another turn off? He eats pizza with a knife and fork.

“Now that was appalling,” she said.

Additional reporting by Beth Landman, Doree Lewak, Micheal Kaplan and Jeanette Settembre.

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