I’m obsessed with myself – everyone should be the same

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Don’t stop at only loving yourself; get obsessed.

An influencer has revealed her unusual method of achieving self-love. She said ever since becoming “obsessed” with herself she’s the happiest she’s been.

Aja, 27, who posts under the username Aja MyQueen, regularly shares advice and inspiration about self-love to her 100,000 followers on TikTok.

Her secret to success?

“Literally treating myself like a baby,” Aja, who also has a podcast called “As If!” told Jam Press. “I’ve given so much attention to myself.”

“I’ve had to carry myself through sickness and death … [then one day] I was looking at myself in the mirror and I was like ‘you have to be completely obsessed with yourself,’” the Phoenix, Ariz.-based creator explained.

“You have to really think about what a person would do if they were obsessed with themselves,” she added. “And wanting the best things for myself.”

Aja appeared on the YouTube channel Shera, which is dedicated to empowering young women, where she shared insight into how she became “obsessed” with herself.

Influencer naked holding flowers.
The creator preaches self-love to her 100,000 followers.
Jam Press/@?_ajamyqueen

Woman wearing blue cropped set.
She said to become ‘obsessed’ with yourself.
Jam Press/@?_ajamyqueen

Podcast screenshot.
Aja has a podcast about self-love.
Jam Press/@?_ajamyqueen

“Most of the time I have a high self-esteem,” she said on the episode. “I am in my prime, I’m ridiculously fine, I’ve got a good head on my shoulders, I treat people with respect.”

It’s not only healthy self-esteem that will help your outlook on yourself and life, with Aja saying a lot of it comes down to the people you spend time with — as they are a “reflection” of you.

“The people you surround yourself with — I’m very choosey on who I spend my time with,” she explained. “When I’m around somebody and they’re tearing themselves down, that goes onto me.”

Aja says she feels strongly about sharing her message with her followers and wants them to be as empowered as she is.

“I’m not ashamed of who I am,” she declared. “If I can help someone else [by sharing] my experiences, then so be it.”

Woman orange dress.
Surrounding yourself by people who lift you up is essential, Aja says.
Jam Press/@_ajamyqueen

Woman bikini on balcony.
She swears by her tricks.
Jam Press/@?_ajamyqueen

Aja said you should be proud of the boundaries and standards you set for yourself — and you should ignore people who oppose that.

“Because there are people out there that thrive off of bringing you down, and I’m not going to help them,” the podcast host quipped. “So, I only speak good things about myself.”

The social media star also encourages people to “romanticize” their lives and write down all the things they’ve done for themselves.

“I have a board where I acknowledge myself,” she explained. “At night I write down all the things that I’ve done good for myself, even if it’s super small.”

The self-love idol preacher also said it’s natural to want to seek validation from other people, claiming it’s “human and normal” to do so.

“I think for me it’s going to be impossible to never want outside validation but to accept it from people I trust,” she mused. “But also taking time to validate myself.”

Aja swears by her self-obsessive tricks — and is something everyone should all apply to our daily lives.

“You might think you’re not the prettiest girl, not the most handsome man, you don’t have the most money, or you don’t have the best car,” she said. “[But] that does not disqualify you from being a victim of a hater.”

“Good friends, buy great lip gloss, say your affirmations every morning, and get physical,” she quipped.

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