I’m labeled a ‘cat pervert’ because my neighbor’s pet prefers my home

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The claws are coming out — purr

A showdown of catty neighbors is exploding to viral acclaim as an angry pet owner accuses the guy next door of being a “cat pervert” because his four-legged friend regularly wanders into the man’s yard.  

And virtual vultures are getting a kick out of watching the men fight like cats and dogs. 

“You’re keeping it in your yard and it’s our cat!,” barks the pet parent at his neighbor, who’s recording their catty exchange. 

Footage of the fuss, which has fetched over 23 million views on Twitter, was virally shared by @DetectClips, an account based in Brooklyn. (The exact location of the brawl is currently unknown).

Angry cat owner calls his neighbor a "cat pervert" because his pet regularly wanders in his yard.
Fur went flying between two neighbors who are arguing over a house cat.
Twitter / @detectclips

Per the video, the two dudes are seen arguing over the cat, Mercury, while standing on opposite sides of a fence. The kitty’s rightful keeper insists that his neighbor is coaxing the feline onto his property with nefarious intent. 

“You’re unreasonable people. You’re holding our cat,” he yelled, in part, demanding, “go in your yard and say, ‘Mercury, go home! Don’t come in our yard anymore!’,” while making shooing hand gestures. 

However, when the berated neighbor reminded the irate guy that cats can neither understand English nor comprehend hand signals, he threatened to call the cops. 

But their hissing didn’t end there. 

Stock image of a cat in a yard.
The pet owner argues that his cat, Mercury, is being lured into his neighbor’s yard with tasty food and drink.

The annoyed cat daddy went on to accuse his neighbor of luring Mercury into his yard with treats, saying in a sarcastic tone: “So the cat does eat or drink anything over there, right? Oh no! Never!,” before deeming his foe a “cat pervert.”

“Cat pervert! Cat pervert! Cat pervert!,” screamed the man while the neighbor denies ever pursuing his pussycat. 

The vexed animal owner then flips his neighbor the bird, waving his middle finger in the air in frustration. 

Angry cat owner calls his neighbor a "cat pervert" because his pet regularly wanders in his yard.
The outraged man repeatedly called his neighbor a “cat pervert,” and threatened to call the police.
Twitter / @detectclips

“We’re calling the police because you’re harboring our cat,” he spat. “[You’re] harboring our cat jacka- -.”

“It’s against the law,” he continued. “It’s called harboring an animal.”

While remaining off camera, the neighbor attempted to reason with the annoyed man, saying, “I can understand being angry if my cat was in your yard. But you’re angry because your cat is in my yard.”

But the bedeviled dude refused to back down. 

“You’re making things a lot worse,” he threatened. “Just send my cat home!.”  

Unfortunately for the dogged dote, Twitter detractors totally disagreed with his furry fury — some folks even blamed him for Mercury’s penchant for roaming. 

“As a cat owner, he should know cats do whatever the heck they want,” tweeted a social media spectator.

“He’s the reason the cat ran away,” another said. 

“It sounds like old boy is really just jealous,” added a separate commenter. “The male Karen spirit is strong with this one.”

Ferocious pet disputes between next-door neighbors are, tragically, becoming commonplace.

In June a 22-year-old man virally accused residents on his block of stealing his cat in a trending Reddit post. And in October 2022, a kitty-loving woman in Brisbane, Australia received a blood-curdling note from her irked neighbor reading: “Control your animals or they will disappear.”

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