I’m coloring in my man’s $125K tattoos with markers

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This woman’s boyfriend is a human coloring book.

Maggie Moodie broke out her Sharpies and opted to spend hours upon hours filling in her partner Scoobie Sousa’s tattoos.

Despite the 22-year-old dropping about $125,000 on his ink and spending over 500 hours at the tattoo parlor, his body still needed some color.

Moodie, 24, put her artistic talents to good use and opted to use permanent markers for each section of Sousa’s tats to fashion a gorgeous stained glass mandala.

She shared the experience on TikTok where her work quickly went viral.

The influencer recently divulged to NeedToKnow.co.uk that she got the idea to shade in the body art from another TikTok user.

“I’ve been wanting to color it in as I’ve been doing art for many years now,” she said.

Moodie explained that her process involved blending the colors together using a wet Q-tip, with entire process taking about two to three hours.

Scoobie Sousa
Scoobie Sousa’s colorless body.
Jam Press/@moodie.maggie

Sousa first started getting inked up in 2019 — and he’s still not done yet.

Despite wanting to head into the shop to get more body etchings, he’s happy to let Moodie work her magic on his skin.

People loved her artwork and commented on TikTok their awe and amazement.

“The way you colored them in is so pretty,” someone wrote.

Another added: “Poor bae gonna get ink poisoning, it’s pretty af tho.”

Moodie spent up to three hours coloring in her man's tattoos with markers.
Moodie spent up to three hours coloring in her man’s tattoos with markers.
Jam Press Vid/@moodie.maggie

Moodie spent up to three hours coloring in her man's tattoos with markers.
Sousa spent over $125,000 on his ink.
Jam Press Vid/@moodie.maggie

Scoobie Sousa and Maggie Moodie
Moodie shared the experience on TikTok, where it has since gone viral.
Jam Press Vid/@moodie.maggie

One person joked: “My man’s to ticklish he couldn’t sit for that tatt or the coloring he’d throw me.”

“So beautiful omg and you can wash him off and change up the colors! Taking my man to the tattoo parlour rn,” another commented.

Someone even had a fun suggestion, saying, “Get glow in the dark markers and do it under a black light.”

Scoobie Sousa and Maggie Moodie
Moodie showed off her artistic talents on social media.
Jam Press Vid/@moodie.maggie

Scoobie Sousa
The design turned into a a very vibrant mandala.
Jam Press Vid/@moodie.maggie

The couple — who met in February — currently live in Los Angeles together and love to post clips on social media about their life.

“We have several videos going viral together right now,” Moodie explained. “We just dyed-matched our hair together and people are loving the content in our newly-found relationship.”

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