I’m a young mom — but people think I look 12 years old

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For this mom, her youthful looks have people believing she’s still a baby.

A TikTok user named Shae explained in several viral videos that many individuals think she’s 12 years old — despite having a three-year-old son named Noah.

In a resurfaced clip, she showed off her toddler, writing: “POV You had your son at 17 so now you’re gunna be the young hot mom at school drop offs.”

Commenters were shocked and claimed she looked like a young teen.

However, Shae revealed that she’s actually 21.

“Ain’t no way you’re over 14,” one person wrote.

Others weren’t too keen on her life choice, seemingly shading her for being a young parent.

“Sad honestly,” someone shook their head. “This not a flex lol.”

In another video, Shae admitted that people often look down on her while she’s out with Noah. However, their snide facial expressions don’t phase her.

TikTok users often think that Shae looks 14 instead of 21 years old.

“POV: Us walking into a store knowing everyone is going to stare because I look 12 with tattoos and have a three-year-old calling me ‘mommy,’” she penned along with another video.

“Noah has straight up asked people why they were staring at us,” she captioned the post.

More people questioned her age, with a user admitting that they thought Shae was in her late 20s.

Sometimes other fans believe she’s only 12 years old.

“Yeah idk why ppl always assume I’m in my teens,” she replied back to the fan.

Another person chimed in: “You do look very young. But hey, f— what anyone thinks or has to say. Just do you.”

“I assumed you were like 22 but I’m bad at guessing age. I’d say just be happy you look great and have a healthy happy kid,” a supporter gushed.

The trend of adolescent parenting has exploded on TikTok in recent months and the hashtag “teen mom” has billions of views.

People often stare at Shae when she goes around town with her son, however, she doesn't care.
People often stare at Shae when she goes around town with her son, however, she said she doesn’t care.

New Yorker Brooke Morton had her child at 14, a daughter named Aloura Lavender, in March 2021.

She often shares her mothering experiences on TikTok, earning millions of clicks.

In her clip titled “this is my teenage pregnancy story,” she confessed that her pregnancy was not planned and now lives with her baby’s father, Jason Vaughn, and with his own dad in the upstate New York town of Cornwallville.

“As I got pregnant, I knew. I knew I was going to keep my daughter,” Morton admitted in her video alongside gorgeous maternity shots. 

“My pregnancy was not taken very lightly,” she went. “It was really hard for me and for everyone else.”

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