I’m a waitress — I charged a customer who sat for hours $50

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A “Burger World” restaurant waitress in North Bay, Ontario, admitted she charged her customer a $50 booth rental fee for sitting at the establishment for several hours.

Tiffany Elsie, who goes by @tiffanyelsie.e1 on TikTok, posted the 19-second clip on July 8, which accumulated more than 435,000 views.

“POV: You’re a waitress and someone has been sitting at one of your tables for actual hours so you bring them a bill for renting the booth…” the video overlay text read.

The Canadian admits it was a bucket list goal for her.

“I have a small list of things I’ve always wanted to do as a waitress and today I can cross another one off.”

The Post reached out to Elsie for comment.

In the video, the “Burger World” manager asks Elsie if she could drop a bill off at table 100 and without hesitation, she walks over to the customer’s table, which is completely clear of any dishes or drinks.

Tiffany Elsie, Burger World employee
“I have a small list of things I’ve always wanted to do as a waitress and today I can cross another one off,” said Tiffany Elsie.

The bill came out to $56.49 which included the booth rental fee and tax.

She places the $56.49 bill on the table, which includes the $49.99 charge for the booth rental and the $6.50 tax. 

The customer, named Lenore, looks at the bill and then at Elsie. She starts to grin wondering if the bill was a joke and luckily enough for her, it was.

In the video caption, the waitress clarified, “This was a joke and [Lenore’s] bill was comped by the manager.”

Lenore’s bill was comped by the “Burger World” manager.

Tiffany admitted the video was a joke and the customer did not have to pay the bill.

While Lenore was able to take the joke, some customers don’t know when they have taken it too far.

An Indiana waitress, Amira Donahue, was left with a racist note on her receipt from a group of teenage boys who had written “BLACK” in the gratuity box instead of an actual tip.

The server quickly confronted the disrespectful customer, who became flustered and claimed he didn’t know what the gratuity box meant and that one of his friends told him to write that.

“I would’ve never guessed they would leave me that note,” Donahue, 19, told Jam Press of the incident. “I felt outright disrespected and angry.”

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