I’m a veterinarian — stop the ‘toxic’ trend of dyeing pet fur

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Fur real?

Dr. Anna Foreman, a veterinarian with UK’s Everypaw Pet Insurance, is hounding dog owners and groomers to stop dyeing their pet’s fur — as it can lead to skin irritation or even toxicity.

Foreman’s warning comes as amateur and professional groomers continue to post TikToks showing how they use pet dye or scissors to transform their pups into other animals or colorful Lisa Frank-inspired characters.

TikTok user @galactic.beauty, for example, recently added black spots to her white poodle to better resemble a Dalmatian.

“There is no situation — apart from when dyeing a dog’s tail to discourage theft — where dyeing a pet’s fur is benefiting the animal themselves,” Foreman told the Sun.

Vet warns dog owners to avoid 'dangerous' TikTok trend
Gabriel Feitosa eventually transformed this dog, Edea, into a lion.

Vet warns dog owners to avoid 'dangerous' TikTok trend
The pup looks wild.

She explained that this anti-theft precaution, which usually involves an animal’s tail being dyed “a bright, garish color,” is mostly employed “in foreign countries where microchipping is less common.”

“As well as being a deterrent, as dogs with a brightly dyed tail are easily identifiable, it also discourages thieves as a dog with a dyed tail is less desirable to potential buyers,” she continued. 

Foreman highly discourages people from dyeing their pet’s fur just for fun — even with dog-safe dye, like the ones @galactic.beauty, who describes herself as a “certified pet dye specialist,” and San Diego dog grooming artist Gabriel Feitosa, claim to use.

“It is purely benefiting us for aesthetic purposes. Some dogs enjoy being groomed or being bathed; however, there is no way we can say that animals specifically enjoy being dyed,” Foreman argued.

The Post has contacted Everypaw Pet Insurance, Feitosa, and @galactic.beauty for comment.

Vet warns dog owners to avoid 'dangerous' TikTok trend
Another pup was transformed into a giraffe.

Everypaw says searches for “blue dog hair dye” have increased 200% in the past three months, while searches for “temporary dog hair dye” have jumped 100%.

According to the news outlet Animals Around the Globe, Feitosa uses non-toxic, vegan dye specially designed for dogs to make them over as lions, and tigers and bears.

Last fall, Feitosa defended himself on Instagram against allegations he was abusing his canine clients, even putting dog-safe hair dye on his own tongue to prove it’s not hazardous.

Another dog owner was also accused of animal abuse last Christmas when she dyed her dog’s fur bright green to resemble the Grinch.

And in 2018, a dog in Florida nearly died after a purple hair dye job reportedly left her with severe burns and swollen eyes.

Vet warns dog owners to avoid 'dangerous' TikTok trend
Rover claims pet-safe dyes are OK to use as long as the dogs are not showing signs of stress.

Foreman noted that dyeing a dog’s fur can lead to skin issues or even poisoning if it’s not done correctly. 

However, the pet care site Rover claims that coloring dog hair is an acceptable practice if dog-safe products are used.

Owners should never use human hair dye and should stop the dye job immediately if the pet appears stressed, the site says.

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