I’m a sexy mom — government-funded childcare allows me to keep up my looks

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She likes having mom-ents to herself.

While her 2-year-old son, Remington, is at government-funded daycare, Raven Dixon-Biggs is freshening up her wardrobe or prepping a new wig.

“For me personally, as a mom, looking good and feeling good is everything,” the 29-year-old UK beauty queen told The Sun on Friday.

While some moms don’t bother “to get their roots done or go to the gym,” Dixon-Biggs refuses to let her good looks slip.

She said she takes advantage of a free UK childcare program that’s intended to encourage people to go back to work.

Dixon-Biggs and son on park bench
“For me personally, as a mom, looking good and feeling good is everything,” said Raven Dixon-Biggs.
Instagram/Raven Dixon Biggs

“With my 15 hours [a week], I’m going to the gym, laying my wig, straightening or curling my hair, I make sure I’ve got my outfits matching — pink bag, pink jacket and pink skirt, for example,” Dixon-Biggs explained. “I make myself feel good, so that when I’m back with my child, we’re both feeling good!”

She even pampered herself going into labor, entering the delivery room with a fresh manicure, false lashes, a wig that cost more than $300 and a suitcase stuffed with hair tools, outfits and heels, rather than “baby grows and nipple cream.”

“It gave me a sense of calm as I waited for my baby, my first child, to arrive,” said the mom, who hails from Birmingham, England.

“Even at 6 centimeters dilated, when other women are screaming in agony, I was topping up my powder.”

Selfie of Raven Dixon-Biggs
The 29-year-old beauty queen said she was touching up her makeup even while in labor.
Instagram/Raven Dixon Biggs

She claims that other moms at the playground are “threatened” by her, having just been crowned Miss Sandwell 2023.

She routinely shows up in expensive frocks because she “would rather die” than be caught dead wearing sweats and no makeup.

The Post has reached out to Dixon-Biggs for comment.

Raven Dixon-Biggs in blue glittery gown
She recently earned the title of Miss Sandwell 2023.

Raven Dixon-Biggs and son
She refuses to show up the playground in sweats, instead wearing her Sunday best with Remington.

The staunch beauty believer even jumped to the defense of fellow mom Keke Palmer, who was recently publicly shamed by her son’s father, Darius Jackson.

In since-deleted tweets this week, Jackson — who shares 4-month-old Leodis with Palmer — criticized the outfit she wore to Usher’s concert in Las Vegas.

Retweeting images of Palmer in a sheer, black dress, he wrote, “It’s the outfit though, you a mom.”

He followed up his harsh criticism by tweeting, “We live in a generation where a man of the family doesn’t want the wife & mother to his kids to showcase booty cheeks to please others & he gets told how much of a hater he is.”

“This is my family & my representation. I have standards & morals to what I believe,” he added. “I rest my case.”

Dixon-Biggs and son sitting
While most moms might pack nipple cream for the hospital, Dixon-Biggs stuffed her suitcase with heels and makeup.
Instagram/Raven Dixon Biggs

Dixon-Biggs holding a drink while in sequin dress
Just because you’re a mom, she said, “doesn’t mean you’re no longer a human being.”
Instagram/Raven Dixon Biggs

As his comments ignited rage on social media, Dixon-Biggs weighed in on the controversy.

“No man has the right to tell a woman how she can and can’t dress,” the fashionista said. “This is Keke Palmer — she looks stunning, and would look stunning whatever she wears.”

She argued that women’s clothing “isn’t a man’s choice to make,” especially for moms.

“Just because you’re a mom — just because you’re a celeb mom — doesn’t mean you’re no longer a human being,” she said.

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