I’m a parenting expert — here’s how to raise happy kids

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Everyone wants to raise happy children — and there could be a hack to it.

Pediatrician and father-of-five, Jonathan Williams claims he has an “unexpected secret” to make sure you’re raising absolute angels — and it all comes down to putting them to work.

Utah-based Williams is no stranger to the highs and lows of parenting and regularly shares his “evidence-based parenting tips” and advice on “children’s health” to TikTok,

In a video, that’s been viewed almost 1 million times, Williams claims having your kids help out at home will not only give them a “sense of self-worth,” but also prepares them for “future success.”

According to the doctor, allowing kids to “see the needs of other people around them” helps them “realize that they’re contributing to a larger ecosystem.”

Screenshot of TikTok doctor.
Williams claims he has the secret to raising happy kids.

Kid washing up.
Giving kids chores will help them succeed in the future, the doctor claimed.
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In the clip, he referenced research conducted by Harvard, known as the Grant Study, which followed a group of men since the late 1930s.

“Researchers have found that if you implement this one, small thing in your child’s life, they’re more likely to be happy as adults,” he explained in the now-viral TikTok. “They have more empathy towards other people, and they’re more successful in their careers.”

Williams says having kids do chores sets them up to become better people and adding a better work ethic translates to school and career success.

“They become more selfless, they become more willing and able to see the needs of other people around them,” he explained.

His advice to best equip your kids with the skills to be wildly successful?

“Hand that child a toilet brush and just watch the college scholarships roll on in,” he quipped.

Williams, whose five children are aged between five and 14, gave some insight into how he introduces chores to his kids, explaining all of his children have an inside chore and one outside chore per day.

“Our house is in a constant state of controlled chaos, but every child has chores, from our 14-year-old to our 5-year-old,” Williams told Today. These include regularly picking up their own bedrooms and shared bathrooms, he explained.

“Once they check off all those things, the rest of the day is theirs.”

Hundreds of people commented on the clip, many agreeing with the doctor.

“Child psych nurse [here], can’t agree more,” one comment read. “Chores and sitting at table for meals have a huge impact.”

“I never really did chores as a kid and now I struggle to keep on top of housework and feel like I don’t know how to clean a lot of things,” another agreed.

“My daughter just got a full ride academic scholarship and started cleaning toilets at 6 years old!” another claimed. “Her favorite chore!”

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