I’m a foot doctor — this summer shoe is a scary health risk

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Take a step in the right direction with your foot health this summer.

A podiatrist has shared the warm-weather shoes he wouldn’t recommend due to their impact on overall foot health — and flip-flops are at the top of his blacklist.

Singapore foot doc Paul Macaulay, better known as @paulthepodiatrist on TikTok, warned viewers to never wear ultra-flat flip-flops.

Not only do the casual sandals lack proper arch support, but they lack security as well, he said in a clip online.

“Your foot likely wants to have to grip onto it,” he said, gesturing at the shoe.

“With some people, you wear them for prolonged periods of time over many years, and your toes can start to stiffen and claw up, and then that can be hard to reverse,” he added, showing a photo of a foot with a curled toe.

Paul Macaulay on TikTok
The British podiatrist, who lives in Singapore, said flip-flops lack adequate support, security and safety for feet.

Photo of rainbow flip flops in a TikTok
Flip-flops, known as slippers or thongs elsewhere, could result in poor foot health.

Claw toe, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, is often caused by wearing shoes that squeeze the toes or do not offer adequate support.

Wearing shoes with an extra strap around the heel is one way to prevent the disorder, said Macaulay, who boasts more than 17,700 followers on the app.

“This will give more stability to the ankle and hold the foot in place,” he explained. “Or, you could even choose the style which has a strap coming over the front, which holds the foot down.”

Cracked feet on tiktok
As a result of dry feet from flip-flops, “cracks can turn to wounds.”

Safety — or lack thereof — is another problem accompanying the thong sandals.

Namely, for those with diabetes, Macaulay said, flip-flops allow the feet to become too dry, leading to cracked heels in some cases.

Then, he added, “those cracks can turn to wounds,” and for people who have diabetes, that is a “high risk” situation, as they are more prone to infections.

Soft slip on shoes
In other clips, he lists the shoes he would never wear, including soft slip-ons.

Stiletto heels
Stiletto heels, he added, are also a no-no.

The Post has reached out to the podiatrist’s office, My FootDr, for further comment.

In a subsequent videos, Macaulay describes the best footwear for women in the summer months and the shoes he would never wear as a podiatrist: slip-on loafers, stilettos, ballet flats, soft slip-ons and, of course, flip-flops.

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