I’m a barista – stop ‘shocking’ your iced coffee and making it taste worse

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There’s nothing that hits quite like that very first sip of coffee.

However, for those opting to whip up crisp, cool iced lattes at home, there’s a better way to ensure that the drink tastes great.

A Miami café called White Rose Coffee has shared the right techniques for making iced lattes on TikTok.

The company posted a clip explaining how there’s trouble brewing for drinkers when they spill the hot espresso right into the glass.

“You’ve been making iced lattes wrong your whole life,” a barista said in the video.

She warns people not to directly pour the coffee straight onto the icicles, as it will burn the espresso.

“This is going to make your coffee taste watery and over-extracted,” she added.

“By adding the milk first, you’ll avoid shocking the espresso and end up with that perfect café creaminess,” the coffee connoisseur went on as she demonstrated how to create the ideal cup of Joe.

Other latte artists in the comments section agreed with the method, with one noting that it “makes a difference.”

“As a barista, this is how to make an iced latte!! Starbucks standard is NOT the only way to make coffee. Most coffee shops do not follow Starbucks,” a fellow coffeemaker stated.

Another fan chimed in: “THANK YOU 😭 I always messed up my iced latte and never got the cue that I got it all wrong.”

The barista said that people have been making wrong by pouring the hot coffee directly onto the ice.

“I knew something was off about my coffee, it was so watery 😭 thank you for education 🫶,” one person thanked the video’s creator.

“I’m so glad you made this video! I was taught (by Starbucks) that shocking the espresso is good so it won’t ‘die.’ Thx for teaching me better 🖤,” someone gushed. “People really think that Starbucks created coffee standards 🥺 💔,” a person wrote.

Starbucks has come under more fire recently, with fans angry over the chain’s shocking amount of food waste.

The coffee shop noted that this technique will make a drink taste very watered-down.

Employee Aidan Stockin shared a TikTok video that showed the massive amount of products that the store trashes after the day is done.

In the 23-year-old’s clip, three full carriages were stuffed to the brim with Starbucks snacks that he’s obligated to throw away once his shift is concluded.

He told Jam Press that the wasteful issue applies to all of the chains, not just the one specific store that he works at.

“It made me feel sick to be forced into throwing out so much perfectly good food when the homeless shelter is 10 minutes down the road,” the biology student said, adding that every single store says that they have a food donation service.

However, he claimed that the company “turns around and throws out a substantial amount of food daily.”

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