I’m 63, my girlfriend’s 25 — trolls slam age gap, say I kidnapped her 

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She ain’t a gold digger — and he’s sure of it.

Claudio Spilatro, 63, knew people would judge him when he fell in love with Semie Atadja, 25, a woman 40 years his junior — and younger than his own daughter.

However, Spilatro, who met Atadja on a dating app, insists she’s not a “gold digger” — and blasted trolls who accused him of “kidnapping” her.

“People say she’s using me for my money, and she doesn’t love me,” Spilatro revealed to South West News Service. “But relationships have to be mutually beneficial.”

New Jersey-based Spilatro, who owns ski and snowboard rental company Pelican Shops, said his younger partner was “everything” he was looking for when his marriage of 18 years ended.

He said they hit it off as soon as they matched on the dating app Seeking in 2017– and they have been inseparable ever since.

“I bring the ability for Semie to be able to travel and have connections, and the benefit to me is a very beautiful, young, active partner — which is exactly what I was looking for,” he gushed. “I searched the whole world for a girl like Semie — she’s beautiful.”

Couple - older man and younger woman.
The couple met when Atadja was 18.
Semie Atadja / SWNS

Couple - older man and younger woman.
He was keen to find an “active” woman after divorcing his wife of 18 years,
Semie Atadja / SWNS

Couple - older man and younger woman in sku outfits.
They’ve traveled the world together.
Semie Atadja / SWNS

For Atadja, an estate agent and content creator also from New Jersey, her older lover is just what she was looking for as well.

“I was just tired of dating losers,” she admitted, adding that she loves how happy and genuine he is.

“I recognized on Seeking there are older guys there and with older age would come with more wisdom,” she continued. “[He’s a] problem solver [and] allows me to be myself — a lot of guys aren’t confident enough to do that.”

Since they started dating, the couple has traveled the world together — flying first class, staying in five-star resorts and hiring private chefs, and going on vacation at least once a month, which Spilatro loves.

“I was happily married for 18 years, and it came a time in my life, around 40, when I asked my wife to travel, and she never wanted to, so we got a divorce,” Spilatro explained.

Couple - older man and younger womanon beach.
They say their families support their relationship.
Semie Atadja / SWNS

The couple now only spends a week at a time at home — and the rest of the time traveling the world.

The couple’s first trip was to Brazil, then to Shanghai.

“We’ve been whale watching in Hawaii, skiing in the Alps, visited our second home in the Dominican Republic and so much more,” Atadja listed.

“I love it — it’s euphoric,” she continued. “I get to travel the world and make awesome amazing memories — I keep thinking, ‘Is this real?’”

Although their families were supportive of their relationship, when Atadja started making TikTok content, she jokingly called herself a “gold digger” in videos.

“It took [my family] a while to understand that it was just comedy,” Spilatro admitted.

“My sisters were at first worried about me, but then I feel like the more I brought them around, they saw that I was genuinely happy,” Atadja chimed in. “They just see it as I have a boyfriend — nothing more.”

They’ve also faced negative comments and abuse online, which Atadja had therapy to cope with, but love their life together.

Couple - older man and younger woman.
The couple hit it off immediately after meeting on a dating app for affluent people.
Semie Atadja / SWNS

The couple isn’t sure what the future holds for them, but claims they’re open to marriage one day.

“He’s saying he likes it, but I don’t see a ring yet,” Atadja joked.

“I could see marriage in the future, but at the moment it’s perfect the way it is,” Spilatro added.

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