‘I take tooth fairy duty very seriously

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Losing your first tooth is a big deal for most kids. 

And for parents, many want to mark the occasion with an extra special visit from the tooth fairy. 

When Frankie’s daughter lost her first baby tooth, she knew she had to ensure the milestone would be remembered forever. 

The mom-of-three filmed the moment her six-year-old daughter lost her first tooth and shared the experience on TikTok.

“I was not prepared to be playing tooth fairy so early in my motherhood journey,” she began.

Taking her “tooth fairy duty” very seriously, she flat ironed a $20 American note to ensure it was flat and straight. 

“The tooth fairy always brings crisp bills, so we used the straightener to help with that,” she explained.

Frankie got over 2.9 million views on TikTok.
Frankie has gotten over 2.9 million views on TikTok.

Next, she paints glitter all over the $20 note, covering the paper in pink sparkles. 

She also printed out a “tooth fairy receipt” and added her daughter’s name, age and the date she lost the tooth. 

If that wasn’t enough, she also crafted a “tooth fairy token”, complete with a jewel in the center.

“I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to be,” she admitted. “It’s like you get a token in exchange for your tooth since you don’t get to technically keep the tooth.” 

“I have always been a creative, and I just wait for the days in motherhood where I can make milestones special,” she explained. 

“I just genuinely enjoy making every little thing in my kid’s life extra, including losing their tooth.” 

Frankie flat ironed the $20 bill and then added pink glitter.
Frankie flat ironed the $20 bill and then added pink glitter.
Frankie's daughter was 'over the moon' after finding the $20 bill under her pillow.
Frankie’s daughter was ‘over the moon’ after finding the $20 bill under her pillow.

The next morning, her daughter found the extra-special gifts on her pillow. 

She was over the moon when she saw the glittery $20 bill and gifts the tooth fairy left behind. 

“It was so sweet to see her eyes light up at all of this,” Frankie gushed. 

 The TikTok clip has garnered over 2.9 million views, and while most loved the idea of going all out for the tooth fairy, many raised the same question. 

“How are you going to clean the cash?” someone wrote. “Cute and all, but glittering the cash is illegal,” laughed another. 

“Isn’t this vandalizing money?” asked another. 

But she shut them down and told the naysayers they were “thinking way too hard” about it. 

Others were gobsmacked at the amount of money she was given for losing her chompers. “$20? I got a gold dollar per tooth,” a person said. “$20 for one tooth is crazy,” another added. 

“$20? In this economy?” someone joked. “I was lucky if I got 25 cents!”

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