I take ice baths with my kids — trolls say I’m a bad mom

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A mom who frequently takes ice baths alongside her 18-month-old boy is being frozen out by online trolls who say she’s a bad mom. 

Kya Jeub, a mom-of-two, from Oklahoma posted a video to her TikTok, where she goes by Ice Queen, explaining why she likes to chill in a bucket of ice along with her kids Damon and Hermione. 

“The best thing I can do, for my kids is to set a good example for them by including them in my daily routine and instilling confidence, peace, and courage into their minds🤍,” reads the caption of the video which already has over 1 million views since being posted on Wednesday. 

On top of Jeub’s video, she shares comments from TikTokers giving her the cold shoulder for her parenting choices. 

“Bad mom,” reads one of the cold-hearted comments.

“Bad Example,” says another.

“Don’t teach your kids to get into ice water,” someone tells her

“Don’t do this with your kids,” chides a TikToker.

“Your kids don’t understand,” and “He’s too young,” others exclaim.

Cold water plunges, also known as cryotherapy, can provide a host of benefits such as easing sore muscles, reducing core body temperature, increased focus, better sleep, and less inflammation, according to The Cleveland Clinic. 

But should you throw your kids in an ice bucket just for the hail of it?

Dr. Dominic King, a sports medicine physician in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic, told Today that ice baths aren’t recommended for young children or people with certain medical conditions.

Jeub takes ice baths alongside her 18-month-old son Damon.
Jeub takes ice baths alongside her 18-month-old son Damon and her daughter Hermione.

“First and foremost, there’s medical conditions where you should check with your doctor beforehand because ice baths can have negative and potentially dangerous effects,” said King

People with heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, agglutinin disease, and venous stasis should skip out on the cold plunge.

Jeub posts many videos on her social media account of her children joining her in her ice bath practice in a bucket alongside her — though it’s not clear if her kids’ water is as cold. In one video, Jeub says the temperature of her bath is 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The post reached out to Jeub for comment.

Jeub says some people give her the cold shoulder for taking ice baths with her kids.
Jeub says some people give her the cold shoulder for taking ice baths with her kids.

And while she has plenty of haters, not everyone on Jeub’s TikTok accused her of being a bad mom. Some social media users broke the ice with comments praising her parenting style.

“This is amazing having a good role model! I live watching the kids take ice baths, just make sure when they are older they don’t go jumping,” someone writes.

“I see nothing wrong about this. She is good Mom! It’s her life leave her alone it prob helps her stoma too ❤❤❤,” says another.

“Lighten up everyone. we used to swim in the great lakes which are freezing. ❤️,” another exclaims.

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