I spent $96K getting tattoos on 96% of my body — I may never stop

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Only 4% of his body is not tattooed — but he loves it.

Former chef Remy has spent over 1,000 hours getting inked, tracking his progress with his 213,000 followers on Instagram.

In a recent post, the Canadian tattoo addict shared a snap of what his body looked like now — with it almost completely blacked out from all the ink — in comparison to what it looked like in 2020.

In the caption of the photos, the dad of one said: “Over the many years we will go through countless changes, but better to embrace it than rail against it.”

“Sometimes things just take a little while before they begin to make sense to you, but there’s always a reason,” he wrote.

In another picture posted to his Instagram page, he’s standing completely naked showing his entire body covered in jet-black ink, apart from a detailed eye across his upper abdomen.

Side-by-side photos of man with no tattoos and heavily tattoos man.
He’s gone through a massive transformation.

Completely black tattoo with eye and skull tattoo on chest.
He is almost completely covered in black-out ink.

Man completely covered in tattoos.
He documents his tattoo transformation on social media.

Remy, who has spent around $96,000 on his inkings, according to the Mirror.

However, he hasn’t always aspired for the blackout tattoos, having had more sporadic and “traditional” tattoos in the past. However, he soon realized it wasn’t the end product he was focusing on.

“What I realized a few years ago was that I was less interested in the individual piece I was getting done, and more in the process and the experience of getting and healing tattoos as a lifestyle,” he wrote in a caption.

Man almost completely covered in tattoos.
96% of his body is covered in tattoos.

Man arms and tops of hands covered in black ink.
Remy said he realized he loves the process of getting inked.

“What that means to me is that I may never be ‘finished’ working on this bodysuit, even if it never makes sense to anyone else,” he added.

Fans were stunned by his transformation, commenting on his post showing his most recent pictures.

“It’s progressed so much but the simplicity of this version is your suit is one of my faves bro,” one user wrote on Instagram.

“This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen,” agreed another. “So rad to see the progression.”

Tattoos aren’t the only body modification Remy has. He also has vampire fangs and stretched ear piercings, in addition to his head-to-toe inking.

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