I roast bacon with hair curlers — social media hates me

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Another day, another controversial cooking hack — for when you want your bacon to be as luscious as your locks.

Yet another self-proclaimed social media chef is being roasted until crispy after demonstrating how to cook bacon with a curling iron, as seen in a now-viral video with nearly 670,000 views online.

“You know that thing you’ve been using as a hair curler all these years?” the would-be “Iron Chef” — who goes by @Twisted on TikTok — intoned in the clip. “I’m sorry to say you’ve been using it wrong. It’s actually a great way to cook bacon.”

The social media Snack-gyver frequently posts unusual recipes and cooking techniques for his more than 1.1 million followers online.

His epicurean shortcuts involve everything from making “guacamole cannolis” to a real “everything bagel” that fits all your favorite foods in one sandwich like a fast food chimera.

The bacon curler.
The “Flinstones”-esque bacon-making contraption.

In one of his more recent food tutorials, @Twisted ostensibly demonstrates how cook bacon by wrapping the strips around a sizzling curling iron.

He even goes so far as to declare that this jailhouse-evoking cooking technique is a “game changer” for home cooks stuck without a pan or an oven.

In the sizzling footage, the would-be bacon bit-wit can be seen wrapping the slabs of salted pork around the hair-sculpting utensil so it resembles something like a Neolithic Twist lollipop.

Bacon raveled around a hair curler.
@Twister joked that people have been hair curlers all wrong.

@Twisted enjoys the fruits of his snack hack.
@Twisted enjoys the fruits of his snack hack.

He then turns it on so the bacon sizzles and bubbles away on the meat curler a la some sort of bizarro kebab.

Next up: @Twisted then unravels the high-octane “locks” and takes a bite, before flashing the thumbs up sign to the camera.

However, his snack hack landed him on the social media skillet with one critic yelling “what the hell!”

“I tried this and my bacon tasted like my heat protector spray,” scoffed another, while a third snorted, “Hard pass.”

“Who cooks two pieces of bacon at a time??” wondered another detractor about the supposedly half-baked baconating method.

In another, better received cooking demonstration, @Twisted showed viewers how to prepare bacon rashers “prison”-style by griddling them with a clothing iron.

@Twisted wraps the bacon around the curling iron.
@Twisted wraps the bacon around the curling iron.

@Twister’s tutorials join a long line of TikTok snack hacks of varying resonance and efficacy, including the little-known correct way to eat Toblerone and how to jerry-rig pizza in a hotel bathroom.

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