I proposed outside an airplane toilet — haters dumped on me

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Social media thinks this proposal stinks.

Virtual wise guys are pooh-poohing footage of a sky-high engagement, which sees an airline passenger surprise his girlfriend by popping the question as soon as she steps out of the plane’s bathroom during a flight to Cancun, Mexico. 

The guy made his tenderhearted request with the help of his fellow travelers, who all agreed to silently wait for his intended to exit the lavatory, hold up handwritten signs reading “Will you marry me” and film their loving exchange for posterity.

Trending video of the big moment raked in a whopping 1.4 million TikTok views and more than 3.7 million views on Twitter. 

But rather than celebrating the soon-to-be-wedded sweethearts, whose identity has not been publicly revealed, online stinkers are dumping on the scene, insisting that the new fiancée had just finished defecating moments before agreeing to tie the knot. 

The stunned  woman exiting the airplane  bathroom to find her man on bended knee.
Footage of a couple’s engagement is going viral on social media, thanks to jokers who claim the woman was “taking a dump” in an airplane bathroom before being proposed to during a flight to Cancun.
TikTok / @mzzgina13

A screenshot of flight passengers waiting for the woman to come out of the bathroom ahead of her mid-air proposal.
Passengers on the flight agreed to assist the man in proposing to his bride-to-be, who was using the plane’s bathroom moments before he popped the question.
TikTok / @mzzgina13

A screenshot of the woman covering her mouth in shock over her post-bathroom proposal.
The woman was apparently shocked to discover the entire plane filming her exit from the lavatory.
TikTok / @mzzgina13

“Imagine taking a dump to come out and everyone recording,” a digital jokester tweeted alongside a clip of the marriage proposal, which was originally shared via TikTok user @MzzGina13.  

“Amazing, popped a number 2 then said I do. Congrats,” a cheeky kidder penned in the comments section beneath the original post. 

“Dropping one big rock to picking up another lol CONGRATULATIONS,” another teased.

“Imagine taking a dookie and walking out to hella ppl recording you,” said an equally crass wisecracker.

“This is lovely for them … but please don’t propose to me after I just flushed an airport toilet,” wrote a germophobe. 

The man on bended knee, waiting to pop the question while his girlfriend was in the airplane's bathroom.
The man and his fellow passengers waited anxiously while the woman was locked in the airplane restroom.
TikTok / @mzzgina13

Other online critics totally misread the romantic aerial scenario, assuming that the passengers were filming the outside of a restroom in an attempt to publicly shame two hot-to-trot lovers for having sex in the toilet. 

“Why was I waiting on them to troll someone coming out of the mile-high club,” admitted a commenter, using the euphemism that refers to individuals who have engaged in sexual activity during a flight. 

However, becoming a member of the saucy “club” comes with risks, such as passing out, which Florida model Camila Elle did when she and her boyfriend had a mid-air romp during a trip to Las Vegas. 

Thankfully, this newly engaged pair wasn’t in danger of getting caught in the act. 

The newly engaged couple embracing after the man asked the woman to be his wife when she exited the airplane bathroom.
Despite poop and sex jokes from wannabe social media comedians, many online praised the proposal as “touching” and “thoughtful.”
TikTok / @mzzgina13

The newly engaged couple embracing after the man asked the woman to be his wife when she exited the airplane bathroom.
A faction of viewers cheered on the couple in the comments section of the post.
TikTok / @mzzgina13

“At first I did not know what was going on in that lavatory, my mind was in the gutter, but this turned out to be sweet & romantic,” commented a TikTok watcher. 

And likeminded suckers for love agreed. 

“How f- -king cute!!! That’s original,” said a fan of the display. 

“I love how the entire flight got involved,” another chimed. 

“I wish we would always come together like this … No color, no financial background,” a utopian added. “Just celebrating LOVEEE.”

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