I made a $560K deposit by mistake — I still can’t get my money back

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An Australian businessman accidentally sent $560,000 to the wrong bank account, but a court on Tuesday issued an order preventing the lucky accountholder from withdrawing the dough.

Digby Beaumont, the Paliside Real Assets investment head and an ex-Blue Sky executive, made the expensive mistake by writing the wrong bank state branch number on an application form in June 2022.

Over a year later, he has not been able to recoup the funds.

Beaumont had intended on investing $500,000 on behalf of family trust A&D Beaumont in L1 Capital’s Long Short Fund via a third party called Apex Group.

Screenshot Digby Beaumont.
Australian businessman Digby Beaumont made the expensive mistake.

But when he went to redeem the units in March — then worth $560,000 — the money was sent to another account with Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Beaumont and Apex noticed the error in April.

The bank said in court paperwork that it had been unable to contact the recipient of the funds, but Beaumont’s legal team won discovery powers to help identify the accountholder as part of the judgment from the New South Wales Supreme Court.

The Post reached out to Paliside for comment.

In 2019, a Pennsylvania couple was accused of theft for going on a shopping spree with $120,000 mistakenly deposited into their account due to a clerical error by a bank teller.

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