I kiss my son, 5, on the lips — haters say it’s not ‘manly’ but I won’t stop

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It’s the kiss that’s on everyone’s lips. 

An unabashedly affectionate father is under the blazing hot flames of social media fire after planting a sweet smooch on his 5-year-old son’s mouth. 

Now, virtual birds of prey are ferociously pecking at him for pecking his boy. 

Give me a kiss,” UK dad Tom Leeds instructs his towheaded tot, Roman, in a trending TikTok clip dedicated to the beauty of their mutually steely-blue eyes. 

In the clip, the father and son pucker up for a quick smack and thank Leeds’ more than 308,000 followers for complimenting their striking eye color. 

But the online adulations quickly turned into outrage from some viewers who bizarrely argue that the pair’s kiss was against the “rule” book of masculinity. 

Tom Leed, from the UK, and his five-year-old son Roman.
Tom Leeds, a father from the UK, has caused TikTok outrage after kissing his 5-year-old son on the lips.

“Just gorgeous, both [of you], but don’t kiss him on the lips,” scolded a disapproving detractor. 

“Man rule, you don’t kiss boy on lips,” another antagonist wrote with seeming toxic masculinity. “Men should be men, grow up to be man. You say a lot, ‘As long as he let’s me.’ You are imposing this on your boy.”

A separate naysayer said, “[You] shouldn’t kiss him BECAUSE of the bacteria in your mouth,” adding, “Did you know you can make your child more susceptible to cavities if you have them [and] kiss them?”

Tom Leeds, from the UK, kissing son Roman, 5, on the lips.
Trolls bashed Leeds for smooching his boy on the lips, saying it’s unhealthy and somehow unmanly.

Leeds is far from the only parent to be bashed laying a wet one on their little one.

A-list actress Hilary Duff, 35, endured digital hellfire in 2017 for giving a heartfelt smacker to her then-4-year-old son, Luca.

Football champ Tom Brady, 45, faced similar flak when he shared a smooch with his 11-year-old boy while filming his Facebook docuseries, “Tom vs. Time,” in 2018.

And much like the Hollywood bigwigs, Leeds seems to be totally unfazed by the shade.

In response to the hate, he basically told trolls to kiss him where the sun doesn’t shine. 

I will kiss my son, my 5-year-old child, on the lips for as long as I deem necessary and as long as he lets me,” the peeved papa spat in a comeback clip.  

“I love him to bits, and he’s my best pal,” Leeds continued. “One day, he won’t want me to [kiss him on the lips]. And he probably won’t want much to do with me.

“So, for now,” he added, “I’ll carry on as I am.”

A screenshot of dad Tom Leeds, from the UK, defending his decision to kiss his five-year-old son, Roman, on the lips.
Leeds and Roman responded to the social media vitriol, calling haters “silly” for their harsh remarks.

And as a retort to commenters claiming that kissing his kid was unsanitary and could cause cavities, Leeds let Roman take the lead on clapping back

“Don’t be silly,” said the boy with a laugh directed at critics.  

In the comments section of his video series, Leeds doubled down on his decision to lavish his kid with physical tenderness.   

“He is the most loving little boy,” he wrote, “and it’s because we raise him with love.”

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