I have a giant 23-year-old hairball —and I love to show it off

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It’s a hairy situation.

Divina Burnell, 43, has been flaunting her huge 23-year-old hairball for years, her daughter, Monica Puddy, told Caters News Agency.

Puddy, 23, posted the video of her mother displaying the bizarre creation — which might easily be mistaken for a someone’s pet — at dinner one night with friends and family.

The video, which was filmed in Australia, shows Burnell laughing as she presents her “pride and joy,” before joking that it would be difficult to choose between her hairball and her husband.

Her impressive achievement is then met with a round of applause.

“She’s been showing people this hairball for years,” said Puddy, who is originally from the Philippines like her mother. “When I was a little girl, I would have friends sleep over, and she would always bring it out.”

Puddy explained that her mother “loves the shock people have and finds it hilarious.”

Divina proudly holds up her massive hairball.
Divina Burnell, 43, has been working on her giant hairball for 23 years — over half of her life.
Caters News Agency

But how did it all begin?

Twenty-three years ago, Burnell began saving her hair after showers, when she removed the strands to stop them clogging the drain.

“She one day thought to put it in a bag and collect it,” Puddy said.

Divina shows off her head of hair compared to the size of her 23-year-old hairball.
When Burnell’s daughter posted the hairball to TikTok, viewers were impressed and grossed out by the creation.
Caters News Agency

Divina and her daughter put their hands on the hairball to show how large it is.
The hairball consists only of Burnell’s hair that she has removed from the shower drain.
Caters News Agency

Puddy clarified that the hairball is entirely made up of Burnell’s hair from the shower.

“It’s not made up of stray hairs from the floor,” she said.

The TikTok video was met with both disgusted and impressed reactions.

“There has been a wide spectrum of opinions — people with hair phobias have been horrified and others have been impressed and eager to start their own hairballs, which I think is hilarious,” Puddy said.

She said that she knows her mom is “the life of the party,” and is happy to see that the hairball has delighted viewers.

“I adore her and the pride she has in her collection,” she gushed.

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