I got a botched ‘thread lift’ nose job — and then it almost fell off

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The more you nose!

Millie Taylforth, 22, was in the process of filming a “glow-up” video for her social media channels when she decided to get a fox eye lift and polydioxanone (PDO) thread lifts after hearing that many hot celebrities had undergone the seemingly easy and non-permanent procedures.

But things didn’t go as planned.

Now the UK influencer has shared the full story of allegedly botched surgeries she underwent two years ago.

Taylforth told her YouTube followers that she went to a cosmetic surgery studio on Harley Street, which she described as “the most famous cosmetic surgery street in London” because of its high concentration of private physicians.

The Gen Zer initially went into the studio wanting a fox eye lift and decided to add a cheek and nose lift as well.

Those procedures are known as a PDO thread lift, in which a medical-grade string is inserted under the skin and pulled up to reshape the patient’s facial features.

Millie Taylforth getting her nose lift
Millie Taylforth is sharing the story of the reportedly botched procedures that cost her $27,000 and felt like the worst pain she’s every experienced in her life.

Millie Taylforth after her face healed
The 22-year-old underwent a fox eye, cheek and nose thread lift two years ago without doing much research.

Taylforth said that she could feel the string being pulled through her face and said the PDO string felt like eyebrow threading string that has “little teeth.”

She recounted the fox eye lift being “quite painful” and claimed to have a “very, very high pain tolerance” — but described getting her nose done as “the worst pain I’ve ever experienced.

“It was really, really, really horrible,” Taylforth insisted.

The Londoner claimed to have “horrible PTSD” after the terrible procedures and struggled to sit still recounting her surgeries.

“I felt everything. That numbing injection did nothing,” Taylforth said of her nonsurgical rhinoplasty.

Millie Taylforth trying to heal from the procedure
Taylforth claimed that she popped the red and inflamed bump at the end of her nose — and the threads “fired out” of her nose.

After her appointment, Taylforth wasn’t too pleased with the results but waited a bit, thinking that her face just needed time to heal, but noted that “it just wasn’t a look.”

She said that someone commented on a photo of her post-procedure, calling her a “blonde Michael Jackson,” about which she couldn’t argue because “it was so accurate, I can’t even be mad.”

Taylforth explained that both entry points of the thread on her nose were red and inflamed with the one at the tip of her nose looking similar to a zit.

“My nose was not healing whatsoever, at all,” she recalled.

She also said that she felt something sticking out of her nose.

Taylforth left it alone for a few days, thinking it was part of the healing process, but realized that her nose was “so painful” and “so inflamed” that she felt something must have been wrong.

Millie Taylforth as her face slowly healed
The influencer was in the midst of filming a “glow-up” video and was inspired by celebrities she believes have undergone the procedures. Now she advises against them.

The social media influencer eventually returned to the studio to complain and have her face fixed when, she claimed, “the woman that did it did not care whatsoever” and brushed Taylforth’s complaints away while reportedly admitting that the procedure was botched.

Taylforth said that the nurse didn’t cut the thread short enough for her nose to heal around it, which apparently led to her body rejecting the thread.

“I could have lost my nose,” a shocked Taylforth regarding the botched job and the nurse’s purported nonchalant reaction.

Several days later, Taylforth noticed that the spot on her nose “looked like it was ready to burst,” so she began squeezing it like she was popping a pimple — and that’s when the threads “fired out of her nose.”

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “There were white threads coming out of my nose, bit by bit!”

Millie Taylforth posing after her procedures
Taylforth is one of many Gen Zers undergoing plastic and cosmetic surgeries to enhance their appearance.

She remembered thinking, “That’s not normal. That’s my body rejecting it.”

Although the nurse only used one thread, Taylforth believes that parts of the thread disintegrated as her body attempted to get rid of the foreign substance.

After she got the threads out, her body finally began to heal. Although she still has a scar that she doesn’t expect to go away, she’s just glad it wasn’t worse.

“My whole nose could have fallen off!”

The blond Brit admitted that she doesn’t do a lot of research before getting work done and acknowledged that her spontaneity does not always bode well for her.

“I just go for it. I personally like to call it ‘living in the moment’ and ‘being spontaneous’ and ‘a free spirit,’ but others would call it ‘being dumb stupid and irresponsible’ I can see both sides,” Taylforth said.

Along with not doing her research, Taylforth was shocked to learn that the botch non-permanent procedures cost her about $27,000 and only lasted about two months “before it went down to absolutely nothing.”

Unfortunately, Taylforth is just one of many young men and women reportedly being horrified, scarred and scammed by cosmetic procedures, as Gen Z especially is booking cosmetic procedures more now than ever.

In fact, 75% of plastic surgeons saw a spike in clients under 30 — a “consistently higher plateau over the five previous years” — according to data released last week by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

With the uptick in procedures comes the rise in scams and botched operations.

A young woman in Los Angeles recently went viral after sharing how a free lip filler procedure she won through an Instagram giveaway went terribly wrong, while another in Australia shared the cosmetic surgery horror story that led her to join a class action lawsuit against her famous doctor.

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