I got a $240 private flight from Ibiza to Jersey because no one goes there

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This is just plane crazy.

A woman who was catching her flight back to the British Isles after a vacation in Ibiza was shocked to find out she was the only passenger on the plane.

Hannah Maden-Adams, 38, only spent £188 on the Blue Islands flight — about $240 in USD — and was even taken in a car from the boarding gate to the “private” plane.

“It sounds cheesy because I’m just a normal person, but it felt really exciting being taken in a car to the aircraft and then being the only person to board,” Maden-Adams told South West News Service.

“It was very surreal, but it was just fun as well — how often does something like that happen,” she continued.

Maden-Adams was coming back from a birthday trip with her friends on the island and had planned to go back home to Jersey — one of the tiny, self-governed Channel Islands off the coast of the UK — on July 6.

Hannah Maden-Adams, 38, was the only person on her flight home from Ibiza to Jersey.
Hannah Maden-Adams, 38, was the only person on her flight home from Ibiza to Jersey.
Hannah Maden-Adams / SWNS

She described the experience as "surreal."
She described the experience as “surreal.”

But when she arrived at the airport to check in, the staff told her that there were no flights going from Ibiza to Jersey that day, and some even claimed that they had never heard of the island before.

They finally found the flight and were able to check her in, but when she arrived at the gate, there was no one to be found — until a staff member informed her that she would be the only person on the plane.

Airport staffers explained to Maden-Adams that the first flight from Jersey to Ibiza had left that morning, and they didn’t think that anyone would be flying back that afternoon.

“I didn’t know how busy it would be, but I didn’t expect to be the only one — I didn’t think they would fly if there was only one passenger but they had to get the plane back to Jersey, so the flight was going anyway,” Maden-Adams told SWNS.

“I had no idea I was the only person until that very last moment at the gate before going to the plane.”

After they delivered the news, a private car scooped her from the gate and drove her to the plane, where she was met by cabin crew and pilot, who said they had never flown just one passenger before.

She was on her way home from a birthday vacation with her friends.
She was on her way home from a birthday vacation with her friends.
Hannah Maden-Adams / SWNS

Maden-Adams was allowed to sit wherever she wanted on the plane and was told that she could put her luggage anywhere, too.

She opted for a window seat towards the front of the plane.

“When we were in the air the pilots were so kind, I thought it was a really nice personal touch, the pilots were pointing out various locations and recommending destinations for holidays,” Maden-Adams said.

She added, “It was really fun, the air stewardesses chatted the whole way, it was great to get to know them and find out about their lives.”

However, even though the 38-year-old was the only one on the plane, the cabin crew still performed the safety demonstrations and instructions.

When she landed back home, she was escorted to arrivals, which the airport had opened just for her — although, there was a wait for her suitcases at baggage claim.

Strangely enough, Maden-Adams is not the only air traveler in recent months who has experienced the luxuries of a “private plane.”

In April, Paul Wilkinson, 65, from the UK, was the only one on his Jet2 flight from Portugal to Northern Ireland.

While he was onboard, the cabin crew referred to him as “King Paul” throughout the journey.

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