I found old texts on my husband’s phone — he called me ‘ugly’

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A woman claims she is “devastated” after discovering old text messages on her husband’s phone calling her “ugly” and bragging about how he was using her.

Jane Lewis, 40, from New Jersey revealed that she was scrolling through her unidentified husband’s phone with permission when she came across disturbing text messages from when the two first got together six years ago.

“I went through his messages to see who he was talking to,” Lewis told Kennedy News. “Him and his friend don’t text that often so I only had to scroll back about 10 messages.”

As she quickly scrolled back to the time around the beginning of their relationship, she was heartbroken to read how disrespectfully he talked about her to his friend.

“I got to one from when we first got together saying he was using me for my money, how ugly I am and he won’t have sex with me,” she revealed.

The messages continued as her now-35-year-old husband bragged about “ugly chick who wants me so bad” insisting that she would “do anything” for him and had already invited him to move into her home although he hadn’t “f – – ked” her yet and had “plenty of other chicks” who were hotter than she was.

Jane Lewis and her husband in a car
The woman revealed that she was scrolling through her husband’s phone when she came across disturbing text messages from when the two first got together.
Kennedy News and Media

He continued boasting about how he planned to “make out with her a little bit” to keep her happy despite the fact that she looked nothing like the “hot girls he sees all the time” despite his beliefs that “hot chicks are stuck up anyway.”

“It was pretty bad. It was very shocking. I was devastated,” Lewis said.

The mother of three confronted her husband of two years, who claimed to be remorseful and incredibly embarrassed of his former immature self.

“He was mortified, he was pretty upset and he apologized. He said he felt bad about himself [at the time], and he wanted to make himself feel better,” she said.

Jane Lewis and her husband of two years
She claimed that she is struggling to trust her husband after finding messages in which he called her “ugly” and bragged about using her while having “plenty of other chicks” who were hotter than she was.
Kennedy News and Media

However, Lewis still struggles to come to terms with how to get past these disturbing messages.

“I don’t know how I’ll move on from it. I’m hurt by it. If he asks me a question, I say ‘I’m not stupid, I’m just ugly.’ He calls me beautiful but I don’t believe him.”

She admitted that the hurtful situation has knocked her confidence in herself and her marriage.

“I thought we had a nice relationship. I don’t understand any of it. He was so nice to me and appreciative of everything I did. He was all around pretty kind. I had to do a double-take when I found the messages,” Lewis recounted.

She admits that she never would have married her husband if she had found those messages earlier.

“It seemed like our relationship was based on a lie,” Lewis explained.

“He didn’t treat me like that. It was out of character. He wasn’t the person he was when we were together, he was sweet and flattering.”

Yet she worries about how she can trust her husband after finding the old messages.

“He’s clearly a different person to me than he is to his friends and that’s messed up,” she reasoned. “Marriage means a lot to him and he said he was never going to get married unless it was someone really special but I don’t believe anything he tells me now.”

“He could be telling me one thing and other people another.”

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