I found a secret ‘Narnia’ passage in my hotel room closet

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The lion and the witch might be joining this vacation.

A traveler was shocked to discover a creepy secret passageway in the wardrobe of their hotel.

Diana Álvarez Ramírez posted a video on TikTok walking through the bathroom and dressing area of her room.

She did not name the hotel or share where it is located.

The clip shows the guest pan around the hotel room and then open both closets.

The first empty wardrobe seems normal but the second has a back panel that is clearly split in half down the middle.

But the curious guest doesn’t leave it there.

The person recording the walkthrough uses a room key-sized card to pry the panels open to reveal a mysterious secret passageway.

The dark tunnel snaked around behind the hotel room and appeared to continue on through a long dark tunnel.

Closet in the bathroom
Diana Álvarez Ramírez went viral on TikTok when she posted a video revealing the creepy addition to her hotel room.
Jam Press Vid

Guest opening the closet
In the video, the guest walks through the seemingly normal hotel room before making their way to the closet space.
Jam Press Vid

Guest opening the back of the wardrobe
While inspecting the room, the traveler discovered that the back of one of the wardrobes was split down the middle.
Jam Press Vid

At one turn, the visitor shows another small door that opens to another dark corridor with rubble on the ground.

The TikTok video went viral with 5.1 million views and over 3,000 comments as people freaked out about the creepy discovery.

Ramírez, who is from Puebla, Mexico, captioned the video: “Imagine finding this in your hotel room.”

“Spooky. How bizarre. What could it be for? I have seen some very disturbing comments about things like this in hotels.”

One commenter claimed that the tunnel is an “anti-earthquake zone” and several people compared it to the entrance to Narnia, but most had darker suggestions.

“It looks like a scene from a horror movie,” Jose wrote.

Secret tunnel behind the bathroom
The guest was shocked to discover a network of tunnels running behind their hotel room.
Jam Press Vid

Guest opening another passagway
The secret tunnel lead to another door that opened to more dark paths leading to unknown locations.
Jam Press Vid

Dark secret tunnel running through an unnamed hotel
The passageways spooked the guests and thousands of TikTokers who commented on their suggestions of what the walkways might be used for.
Jam Press Vid

Leon said: “Many hotels have hidden corridors behind the walls that only they know about. In motels they use them to spy, I know about it!”

“There are many hotels involved in human trafficking,” Dani claimed.

Sam alleged: “In a hotel where my sister works, the owner was involved with some dangerous people.

“And they made it like this, with tunnels to escape in case they went looking for them.”

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